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Farmers benefiting a lot from early variety summer bean

| Updated: September 17, 2020 17:12:42

Lankabangla and Fianancial Express Lankabangla and Fianancial Express
The photo gives a partial view of a bean field in Jashore — FE Photo The photo gives a partial view of a bean field in Jashore — FE Photo

Farmers are benefiting a lot from early summer bean cultivation in Sadar Upazila of Jashore District Many farmers in the area are now self-sufficient from bean cultivation.

Farmers of Churamankati, Haibatpur and Kashimpur Unions are reaping huge benefits from early summer bean cultivation. Many farmers in the area are now self-sufficient by cultivating beans in different villages of these three unions.

For the last two decades, farmers have been cultivating different varieties of vegetables in a large part of the cultivable land. Bean cultivation has been at the top of the list of vegetable cultivation in the last few years.

This planting is increasing every year. As a result, the farmers here are moving forward economically.

According to the Department of Agricultural Extension, about 500 hectares of land in these three unions have been planted with early summer beans this year.

Churamankati Union, Abdulpur, Poltadanga, Bagdanga, Sajiali, Kamalapur, Haibatpur of Haibatpur Union, Tirerhat,Mathurapur, Shahbazpur, Daherpara, Lalitadah, Samaspur, Natuapara, Daulatdihi of Kashimpur Union, Vijaynagar, Konejpur, Ghona, Kashimpur and other villages are surrounded by bean trees.

Farmer families are cultivating beans in their land in various ways. Field after field is surrounded by green beans.

According to the locals, most of the land in these areas is suitable for bean cultivation.

Rejaul Islam , a farmer from Churamankati village, said he has cultivated Ifsa-2 variety of beans on two bighas of land this year and has started cultivation.

He said beans are now being sold at a wholesale price of Tk 100 to TK. 120 per kg in the market. He expects to make huge profits this year if the market price remains the same.

He also said that he has been cultivating beans as he has benefited by cultivating beans in the past years.

Bablur Rahman a bean farmer from the same village, said that there is a lot of work in this field. You have to take more care than other vegetables.

However, if the yield is good with hard work, it is possible to get huge benefits in bean cultivation.

According to the farmer, bean cultivation has cost around TK. 20,000-25,000 per bigha this year. If the yield and market are good, beans worth around one lakh taka can be sold from one bigha of land.

Abdur Raim of Bagdanga village said, 'I have cultivated beans on one bigha of land in advance. At present, I have started growing beans in full swing. '

Sattar, a bean farmer from Haibatpur village, said he has planted beans on one bigha of land this year.If there is the current market price, he will benefit a lot this time.

Mizanur Rahman, a bean farmer from Churamankati village, said he has planted beans on two bighas of land this year.

Bean farmers cultivate beans without taking any government assistance from various NGOs and fertilizer sellers. Due to this the profit goes to the pockets of the moneylenders.

Farmers said they will be able to strengthen the district's economy if they have low-interest agricultural loans, modern training and regular supervision by the concerned department.

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