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Downtrend in moshur price disappoints Magura farmers

| Updated: April 15, 2021 13:41:13

Downtrend in moshur price disappoints Magura farmers

MAGURA: Down trend in price of moshur pulse is frustrating Magura farmers.

A bumper production of moshur has been achieved in the district this year. Bumper production brought smile on the faces of Magurafarmers . But low price has faded the smile awayfromtheir faces.

Department of AgriculturalExtension (DAE) Magura sources informed, they brought 20050hectres of land under moshur pulse cultivation in the district this season. A total of 30065 mtsmoshurhave been achieved in the district this season. Moshur harvesting has already been completed in the district.

Kuddush Biswas, a farmer of village Dharla under Magurasadarupazilasaid, "This year I brought my twobighas of land under moshur cultivation. I have got 10 maundsmoshur. Moshuris now being sold in the market at Tk 2500 per maund. I shall earn only Tk 25 thousand from my moshur. But my production cost was above Tk 20 thousand.How shall I continue moshsur cultivation with this meagure profit? He lamented.

Another farmer NoimMridha of village Defulia underMagurasadarupazillasaid, "This year I have brought my one bigha land under moshur cultivation. Moshur is now being sold in the local market at Tk 2500 per maund as agasint 3200 last year . Production cost of moshur is increasing every year, butmoshur price is decreasing. Actually middlemen are dominating moshur market depriving farmers. For several years moshur profit is going through the roof depriving farmers.

On contact,UdayShaha a moshur trader in Notun bazar of Magura town denied the allegation of dominating moshur market. He said last year he made loss of Tk abouttwo million (20 lakh) from moshur.For this, this year he is not purchasing moshur. Many other farmers are showing reluctance to purchase moshsur like me.

On contact,Shafiqur Rahman executive director of PalliProkriti (an agriculture and environment NGO) said, actually common people are preferring imported moshur as it is cheaper compared to our local variety. Imported moshur is dominating the market.

Consequently farmers are not getting fair priceof their produce. Government should adopt proper policy to encourage moshur growers.

District marketing officer JakirHossen told, moshur price is lower compared to last year. But moshur is still now being sold in the market at tk 2800 per maund. However, farmers will be benefited with such price, he added.

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