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Pakistan considering closure of airspace, land routes to India

| Updated: August 28, 2019 14:33:34

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Pakistan considering closure of airspace, land routes to India

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan is mulling a complete closure of airspace and land routes to Afghanistan for Indian planes and trucks, the Minister of Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry said following the federal cabinet meeting in Islamabad on Tuesday.

“PM is considering a complete closure of Air Space to India, a complete ban on use of Pakistan Land routes for Indian trade to Afghanistan was also suggested in cabinet meeting,” the minister said in a tweet.

“Legal formalities for these decisions are under consideration…#Modihas started we’ll finish,”! he added.

The development comes in the backdrop of the heightened tension between India and Pakistan after the former’s unilateral decision to revoke the special status of Occupied Jammu and Kashmir, reportsa Express Tribune.

The move is part of Islamabad’s offensive measures against New Delhi which also saw downgrading of diplomatic ties, suspension of bilateral trade and UNSC meeting over the Kashmir dispute.

The airspace restrictions for Indian flights werelifted in July after months of suspension imposed in the wake of a standoff with New Delhi earlier this year.

On Monday Prime Minister Imran Khan reiterated Pakistan’s complete support to eight million Kashmiris in the “Indian Occupied” Jammu and Kashmir (IOJ&K) for their “indigenous” struggle for their fundamental rights and self-determination, observed that Modi had committed a huge and historical blunder, providing a historic opportunity for Kashmiris to get freedom from the illegal Indian occupation.

In his televised address to the nation, the Prime Minister said the whole Pakistani nation and its government would go to the last extent to support the oppressed Kashmiris.

“We will go to every extent … will stand with the Kashmiris till the last breath,” he said, adding “I ask every Pakistani to come out of their homes, offices, workplaces every week for half an hour and on the upcoming Friday from 1200 hours to 1230 hours, to express solidarity with the people of Indian Occupied Kashmir.”

He again warned that if India resorted to aggression, it would have far-reaching impacts on the entire world as the both countries possessed nuclear arms. He said Pakistan’s Kashmir policy was at a decisive point and he had apprised the world leaders about the plight of the 8 million Kashmiri people in the IOJ&K.


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