Fake products and unprotected consumer rights  

| Updated: October 23, 2017 11:56:03

Fake products and unprotected consumer rights   

ON most occasions, the market is flooded with fake products. Recently during Eid-ul-Azha we saw fake butter oil wrapped in packages of renowned companies. Fake cosmetics, medicines and other food products are also abundantly available in the market. This is happening only due to lack of monitoring by the authorities concerned. A section of unscrupulous traders take advantage of the situation and make money illegally. These fake products are not only harmful for public health but are also damaging for the companies whose labels are used while marketing the said products. A few days ago, I bought a shampoo of a reputed foreign brand and when I opened the pack I found it was fake, although the shopkeeper who sold the product replaced it. Nowadays I buy foreign cosmetics only from reputed and trusted retailers whom I know very well. Storing, selling and producing fake products must be closely monitored and traders of such brands must face stiff punishment so that no one dare cheat people any more. Fake cosmetics like other consumables are harmful for our health and overall well-being. So when we go out in the market to buy anything we must be extremely cautious about its genuineness. The law enforcing agencies should also take extreme care so that fake products do not enter the market and deceive innocent consumers.

Asif Khaled

Sutrapur, Dhaka

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