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Ctg: A commercial capital in name only

Shaibal Das Sumon Shaibal Das Sumon

The incumbent government is trade and business-friendly. Its policy attuned to the needs of the businesses has helped the exports and imports of the country recover from the Covid-19 shock, says Shaibal Das Sumon, Director of the Stitch Tone Group and Ward Councillor of Chattogram City Corporation (CCC), in an exclusive interview with The Financial Express (FE).
He said, "Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is leading the country in line with her vision of development. She could handle the pandemic as an exemplary leader. With the pandemic waning in the country now, the business community are getting back on their feet. The trade and business are staging a recovery and the country remains on the growth track because of the visionary and planned steps of the Prime Minister."
"The Prime Minister allocated huge funds for development of the port city. As a result, many mega projects are continuing here in the port city now. The projects like Ring Road and Karnaphuli Tunnel are being completed while the projects like the elevated expressway and Chattogram-Cox's Bazar Railway are going on now," he said.
"Despite the government's declaration of Chattogram as a commercial capital, steps are yet to be taken to build the city as a commercial hub in its true sense. The head offices of banks, main government offices including the National Board of Revenue (NBR) and other concerned departments are still based in Dhaka. As a result, the exporters, importers and businessmen have to rush to Dhaka for any urgent piece of work. If the offices of the departments are set up in Chattogram, the hassles the businessmen face when they are required to travel to Dhaka will ease and the life will be easier for them in the port city. Besides, the cost of business will decline, if the businessmen can get all services in Chattogram."
The Director of the Stitch Tone Group also said, "The Ready Made Garment (RMG) sector is contributing a lot to the economy of the country. The RMG is easing the employment problem to a great extent and also playing a big role in economic development of the country. We have around 4,000 workers in our factories which also contribute to employment of women in Bangladesh. The ease of doing business in the RMG sector will help our economy, particularly in exports from Bangladesh."
"The RMG sector faced shocks from the Covid-19 outbreak. But, the sector could overcome it thanks to prudent steps of the owners and support from the government. The fund allocation for the RMG sector, particularly the role of the commerce ministry during the Covid-19 outbreak, helped the sector face the challenges," he added.
He said, "The orders have increased with the pandemic waning. But, we cannot meet the full demand in international markets due to the shortage of textile goods and other raw materials and accessories. It is very difficult to meet the demand of buyers as our backward linkage industry cannot give support properly."
He said, "As a ward councilor of Jamal Khan ward, I have decorated the Jamal Khan area with greenery. I have set up 56 gardens at places which were earlier used as dustbins."
"I have turned many pieces of land green and planted trees there with the help of corporate groups. So, Jamal Khan ward is green and clean now. Besides, I have decorated the school walls with murals of legends, including Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman," he added.
He said, "I have made the ward clean. I introduced the door-to-door waste management system. So, there is no garbage anywhere in Jamal Khan now."

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