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62pc wage hike proposed for construction, wood industry workers

| Updated: December 02, 2020 15:39:22

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The government-formed wage board has finalised the minimum monthly wages for the workers of construction and wood industry sector, recommending an increase of over 62 per cent to Tk 16,240.

The current minimum wages for the workers of the sector is Tk 9,982.

The board also incorporated a provision of 5.0 per cent annual increment on the basic pay.

It also recommended daily minimum wages of Tk 620 and Tk 680 for the workers in urban and rural areas respectively, up from present wages of Tk 375.

The ministry of labour and employment published a gazette notification in this regard on November 25.

The government has also asked all concerned to submit written objections or suggestions regarding the recommendations of the wage board, if any, within 14 days.

The ministry formed the wage board in March this year to review the minimum wages for construction and wood workers. The last review of the wages took place in 2012.

The wage board proposed monthly minimum gross wages of Tk 16,240 and Tk 17,720 for grade six workers in cities and villages respectively.

The gross wages include Tk 11,800 as basic pay, Tk 3,540 (urban area) or Tk 4,720 (rural area) as house rent, Tk 600 as medical allowance and Tk 300 as travel allowance.

The grade five workers will get Tk 18,450 as minimum wages, including Tk 13,500 as basic pay.

Gross wages of Tk 19,880, including Tk 14,600 as basic pay, have been recommended for grade four workers.

Grade three workers will get Tk 22,610, including Tk 16,700 as basic pay, grade two workers Tk 24,560, including Tk 18,200 as basic pay, and grade one workers Tk 26,510, including Tk 19,700 as basic pay.

Across the grades, the house rent would be 40 per cent of the basic pay for workers in cities and 30 per cent for workers in villages.

The wage board has recommended minimum monthly gross wages of Tk 10,000 for an apprentice worker with the provision of a six-month apprenticeship.

It also recommended daily wages of Tk 500 for apprentice workers.

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