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MidJourney AI: A revolution in the field of AI generated images

| Updated: August 06, 2022 20:30:24

A lovecraftian Gothic mansion beside Dhanmondi lake, Dhaka A lovecraftian Gothic mansion beside Dhanmondi lake, Dhaka

MidJourney, a research lab, has created an artificial intelligence program that has caught the world by storm. 

It generates images from simple textual descriptions, which many artificial intelligence programs have done recently. But what sets MidJourney apart is the intricate nature of the work, which appears to be extremely realistic in many ways.

Command for the drawing - A Bengali man in kilt and bagpipe in a busy street of Dhaka

MidJourney has an idiosyncratic style which is unprecedented in this field. David Holz, the co-founder of the artificial intelligence network, was a student researcher at the Max Planck Institute and the Nasa Langley Research Center before co-founding MidJourney about a year ago.

In an interview with The Verge, he said he sees this technology as an engine for the imagination.

The number of image-generating tools is not high at this moment and they, in general, are quite complicated. Contrary to all the other AI image generators, MidJourney is relatively easy to use. MidJourney has made AI images accessible to the common masses, something which is unprecedented and is likely to pave the way for more development in this sector.

Command for the drawing: Rustic splendour of poetic Bengal hyper-realistic atmosphere

The research lab is composed of only 10 people, and the AI image generator server is accessed through a Discord server. To join the service, one must have a Discord account, to begin with, and then after joining MidJourney's server, necessary commands will be given, and one must type the idea of the image he wants to see generated through, and the bot of the server will generate images that are not only quirky but also could have been considered to be artistic masterpieces in many cases if drawn by human beings.

There has been a revolution in the field of artificial intelligence. Although the field is still in its infancy, it can at least help us extrapolate what the future of the world will look like with the advancement of this technology.

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