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Early marriage: A social curse

| Updated: October 24, 2017 00:04:42

Early marriage: A social curse

BANGLADESH has one of the highest rates of child marriage. Around 60 per cent of our girls get married before marriageable age, that is, 18.

However, with continuous effort of the government and other organisations the number of child marriage is declining. Poverty and illiteracy are some of the reasons behind child marriage.


Dowry also plays a role in child marriage as the older a girl gets, amount of dowry rises. So the poor parents often marry out their daughters early. Insecurity and eve-teasing are also partly responsible.


A massive campaign against child marriage should be carried out so that the people become aware of the adverse effects of child marriage. When a teenage girl is married and becomes pregnant, chances of both infant and maternal death increase.


Television can play an important role in raising awareness among rural people.  It is high time that we raised our voice against early marriage and helped create a better society for our women.


Rumana Sharmeen
Dhaka University  

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