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Child living in a police station

| Updated: October 23, 2017 12:23:21

Child living in a police station

A report with an enclosed photograph from Dinajpur, was published in a local English daily on 10th April that narrated the story of a child living in a Police station. The report presented a very positive image of our Police personnel who are usually at the receiving end of public criticism.


This is a real life case of a group of humane police personnel, who have adopted a child cruelly abandoned by both his parents. This is indeed a very noble deed that needs to be recognized and appreciated by all of us in general and the top police officials in particular.


This writer, hopes that the IG of police will  look at it favourably and provide some funds to the OC of the concerned police station for providing books, clothing and health care support for this ill-fated child.

Local voluntary organizations may also be requested to come forward to help upbringing of the child. It will indeed be good to see that the child, despite his unfortunate circumstances, grows up as a useful working adult in our society.


May Allah bless this abandoned boy and makes him a responsible citizen.


Engr. S. A. Mansoor

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