Turkish man tested Covid positive for 78 times!

Rassiq Aziz Kabir | Monday, 14 February 2022

Recently, a case of a Turkish man, who has been tested Covid positive for more than 400 days, has caught the attention of people worldwide.

According to Daily Sabah, a Turkish pro-government daily newspaper, 56-year-old Muzaffar Keyasan has been a unique case when it comes to the total timespan of being affected by coronavirus.

He has been tested Covid positive for a total of 78 times since 2020, which is more than 14 months or 400 days.

Keyasan is fed up with the situation and wants to heal quickly, as the disease has made him stay quarantined for a long time.

Kayasan was a Leukemia patient back in November 2020 when he contracted Covid-19 for the very first time, although the symptoms were less severe at that time. Subsequently, after that, he has tested positive for all the 78 tests that have been conducted on him.

The situation apparently forces him to see his children and grandchildren through a window as he has been forced to live in isolation.

As per the Turkish news platform Ihlas News Agency (IHA), which interviewed Kayasan, he was told that he will continue testing positive as he has a fragile immunity system due to the fact that he already had leukaemia at the time of testing positive for the first time.

His wife and son both stayed with him during this time, but surprisingly none of them got affected by the virus. Kayasan, however, lamented about his situation by saying,

“At first, I thought I was a carrier, but this is not the case. Nobody except them stayed with me. I think I am more exposed to the virus than them, even a cat passing by the window can infect me."

“I recovered, but I still have the remnants of Covid-19 in my body. This is the only explanation I was given for the positive tests,” Kayasan was quoted as saying by IHA.

He thinks that the most harmful thing that the virus has done to him is ending his social life.

In this regard, he told the news agency: “I have no problem here other than being unable to touch my loved ones. It is very hard. I can’t even get vaccinated because of my condition.”

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