The most generous billionaire in the world

Rassiq Aziz Kabir | Friday, 28 January 2022

Recently, Nas Daily, the famous vlogging channel run by Nuseir Yassin, published a video about Sam Bankman Fried that attracted much attention.

Sam is a 29-year old billionaire living in the Bahamas who, in that video, was termed the most generous billionaire in the world.

Despite having a net worth of 22 billion dollars, he shares his room with 10 other roommates. Despite being extremely rich, Sam doesn’t feel like living a life of luxury, rather he wants to use his money for charitable purposes in order to improve the life of the downtrodden people.

Sam dreamt of becoming quite rich from his childhood but not for the reasons most people want to get rich. Sam had a totally different reason. He wanted to give all his money to charity.

After graduating from the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Sam embarked on a journey towards wealth. Due to his shrewdness, Sam got involved in Bitcoin trading and later on, became a full-time crypto trader.

He created his own company later for cryptocurrency trading known as FTX, and later on, this FTX became one of the biggest and most successful places to trade cryptocurrency within a very short period of time. His company went on to become worth over 40 billion dollars. This all happened when Sam was still in his 20's. In fact, he has still not reached 30 yet.

But contrary to the money hungry traditional billionaires, Sam's philosophy on life is totally different. He likes to earn in order to give the money away for the helpless people. In Sam's own words ‘Earning’ to give refers to the causes and charities that save the most lives per dollar.

In 2021, Sam donated 50 million dollars and from this year onwards, he plans to give away 500 million dollars per year. He even has a goal set for the amount that he is going to give away next decade and it is more than 10 billion dollars.

He wants to do the most good to the world in his ability and he is funding for the cause of some of the biggest events in earth like global warming, precautions and preparedness for the Coronavirus pandemic, the overlooked diseases of the tropical regions and Animal Welfare, the last one is the reason for which Sam plans to remain a vegan.

Sam, despite his wealth, still uses a Toyota Corolla car and has no intention of changing it anytime in the future. Sam is a glowing example for Billionaires across the world i.e. earning a lot of money can translate to helping a lot of people around the world.

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