SSC-HSC assignments: Questions learners might ask

Sirajum Munira Tuli | Thursday, 29 July 2021

It has been about a year and a half since educational institutions were closed. In the meantime, 'New Normal' has become much more normal. Students are just about to get used to assignment-based studies.
Will the assessment of the assignment be fair? Will poor students face any new problems? How the cover is supposed to be made? What type of inner content will help to get more marks? These are the questions concerned students are now finding answers to.
Will assignments be assessed fairly?
Students' individuality and creativity will be verified in each assignment assessment. If an assignment is prepared by copying notes, guides, the internet, social media or other people's writings, it will be cancelled. The assessor will conduct the assessment activities very carefully and if evidence of immoral activity of students is found, it will be identified and necessary action will be taken.
On the other hand, if evidence of immoral activity of a student is found by the second assessor, both the student and the first assessor will be held accountable. Every student has to prepare the assignment in accordance with the proper ethical rules, and no exemption will be given in this regard. In the same way, every evaluator will be obliged to stay away from overestimation, underestimation and nepotism, otherwise, legal action will be taken subject to proof.
Will poor students face any new problems?
No student should face financial pressure through this assessment -- that was clearly stated by the governing authorities. If a fee is charged from a student for an assignment or if evidence of unethical pressure is found, legal action will be taken against with proper investigation.
Which style of writing may help?
Since there is less room for evaluation due to limitations of the syllabus, the skill of presentation and beauty of handwriting is very important here. As per the press release instructions by the education ministry, a student can use the black and blue ink of the ball pen to write the assignment. As such, the title or other highlighting parts can be written in blue ink and the main part in black ink.
Cutting and overwriting should be avoided as much as possible. Good handwriting is preferable. According to the sample, in the first part of the assignment after the cover page, there has to be a table of content where thematic hints and steps have to be written along with the page number. The page number on each page is a must.
Reference of assignment can be mentioned below the index. There will be references to textbooks, technical education board books found on the internet or government-run websites, and other necessary sources.
To make the assignment unique, one can take help from the internet alongside the textbook. However, the entire text cannot be copied from the internet under any circumstances. The information collected can be paraphrased in one's own language to avoid plagiarism. In that case, the source must be mentioned in place of the reference, and the source must be acceptable.
There is the possibility of matching the writing with thousands of students if the assignment is written by copying exactly from the tutorial video published on social media. The assignment may be considered a duplicate and can be expelled if it happens. So, one must refrain from writing scripts after watching videos published on public platforms.
How is the cover page supposed to be prepared?
A sample cover page has been attached to the release by the education ministry following which students will be able to create cover pages on their own. Besides, printouts can also be used. The school administration may provide cover pages to students but no fee can be charged for this service. In the case of cover pages printed out from the sample, marked spaces must be filled manually in English.
What type of paper does the assignment require?
Any quality of A4 size white paper is suitable for the assignment.
Will there be questions in the final exam from the assignments?
The final exam questions are much more likely to come from these assignments. So, the emphasis is on understanding each assignment properly and learning, rehearsing and memorising.

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