Qawmi madrasas attracted new learners during pandemic: Study

FE REPORT | Sunday, 11 April 2021

The country's Qawmi madrasas have been able to attract new students during Covid-19 shutdown as institutions of general education were completely closed for a long time while the religious seminaries were open, according to a study.

However, prices of education have influenced students in choosing education stream, the study said.

The study divided the government education programmes in three streams - primary and secondary education, Aliyah madrasas, and Technical and Vocational. Qawmi madrasas have also come under the study which is administered separately.

The study conducted by the Economic Research Group (ERG) and released on Saturday also found that one out of five madrasa students reportedly went out of madrasas to work.

It is 3.4 per cent in general education school of primary and secondary levels, the study found.

Almost 15 per cent students from both types of general education (primary, secondary and Aliya madrasas) dropped from institutions during the pandemic.

The finding were presented at an ERG webinar on schooling moderated by Professor Wahiduddin Mahmud, chairperson of ERG.

SajjadZohir and Wasama (Ahmed Khan) presented the study findings.

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