Giving women the confidence

Soma Dhar | Saturday, 14 May 2022

Our National Poet Kazi Nazrul Islam wrote: "The good done by the civilization, half created by men and half by the women." There are infinitive resources and powers within us if we search them out.
Truly there is more in us than we dream, for we are part of something more extreme and greater. We know ourselves only imperfectly. We never fully realise our possibilities.
Women can modify their position; they can adjust their uniqueness in many ways. They are not born only for childbearing. Then why do our better halves overlook that we also have our emotions, we also have our passion. How long will women be denied their fundamental rights? The theme of International Women's Day in 2022 is "Break the Bias". If it comes true, then it will be a milestone for all women which can save women from the cocoon of stigma and sophisticated superstition. The Creator has blessed women with the power of childbearing, then why do not men show respect to women? Without women, men could not see the light of the world. But, men often forget that. What do we say? Are we living in a civilized society? As a human being can men not change their behaviour?
The answer is 'yes'. All educated and sensible men can take an initiative to manage this situation. A bad community cannot stand out from a good community. For that reason, we must not only take well-educated people on board but also self-educated people. Thus, women can draw sympathetic consideration. They can empower themselves. Women are the power of men, and men are the power of women as well.
The world is ours, not for men. We can create a dream world
if we become equal, and work sincerely. We should make a pledge that no women would be left behind. New days have come. So, wake up and do what you want to do.
For women of the world, it's time to break the glass ceiling. So why not live the life of our pursuits? To get on the pathway to empowerment, we have to take the following steps:
1. Learn: Never quit learning. Liberating and developing your mind is the first step toward empowering yourself, so enlighten yourself in any way you can. An intelligent woman is an empowered woman.
2. Be Independent: Being comfortable with who you are, and knowing that you are strong enough to face any situation on your own, gives one a feeling of empowerment. Make it a dream to try something new that you wouldn't normally do alone.
3. Travel: Traveling carries you outside your convenience zone and familiarises you with new places and ideas. Every trip is a chance for you to learn something new about not only the country and the culture but also yourself. Traveling alone may appear threatening at first, but you will find it to be one of the most empowering things you can do.
4. Give Back: When you support others, you permit yourself. Giving back does not have to be a splendid gesticulation, it's as simple as communicating good morning and maintaining the door for someone. Open your soul to others, and they will spread them to you.
5. Dream Big: Don't be scared to go after your dreams. No dream is too big or unobtainable. An empowered woman understands that she can achieve anything she sets out to do, it is simply a subject of persistence and pursuing your heart. Listen to your heart. It was put there to empower you.
The major differences in a lot of women today and yesterday and the women of tomorrow are a result of the mechanisation of much of their domestic work.
In 1972, Bangabandhu Shiekh Mujibur Rahman specified 'The Women Rehabilitation Board for the welfare of the women who suffered in the Liberation War. Specifically, that was the beginning of work for women officially in Bangladesh. For stemming violence against women, the government enacted a law named 'Family Violence Prevention and Protection Act' in 2010. A 'National Women Policy' was adopted in 2011 for empowerment of women. The government has taken initiatives for ensuring safe motherhood, higher education, and employment for women, which are praiseworthy.
We can live in our dream; we can give a peaceable smile. A woman is a symbol of power. A woman is a symbol of inspiration. The history of women's emancipation is long and diverse -- since the days of Begum Rokeya to women's active role in the War of Independence. So here is a message for women who want to break the glass ceiling -- Arise! Awake! And persist until the divine goal is attained! Be courageous, be honest and perform the Divinity.

The writer is a Ph.D. student, Department of Economics, University of Chittagong