Appreciating Luka Modric: The best midfielder in the world

Rassiq Aziz Kabir | Thursday, 10 March 2022

Real Madrid's Triumph against PSG last night can be summarised into two players’ performances - Karim Benzema and Luka Modric. 

Modric, being 37, was at his absolute best last night when he dominated PSG's midfield with elegance and power. Benzema might have scored a hat-trick to salvage the game for Real Madrid, but it was Modtic who pulled the strings, and turned the game towards Madrid's favour.

Real Madrid started with a midfield of Valverde, Modric and Kroos. A semi-fit Kroos was not at his level best, which was evident from him not being able to keep the ball at his feet often. 

But Modric played like an engine throughout the entire match, running up and down, breaking plays, giving jaw-dropping passes, he seemed like a man on a mission.

With the substitution of Camavinga in place of Kroos, Real Madrid's midfield got more momentum. Valverde and Camavinga played as double pivot, easing the defensive responsibilities from Modric's shoulder, which made him excel even more in an advanced role. 

Apart from a pin-point accurate pass which Benzema converted, Modric's role in attack made PSG's defence shatter every time Madrid went on with the ball, and without his technical prowess, such a domineering performance would not have been possible at the end.

Modric will turn 37 in a few days. At this age, Zidane was looking for a coaching position, Xavi was playing in Qatar, Iniesta went to Japan, but Modric seems evergreen and hungry for even more success, despite achieving almost everything to achieve in his football career. 

His stats this season speak for the fact. He has been one of the key pieces which has made Real Madrid retain a comfortable lead in the La Liga table this season, as the other two of Madrid's legendary midfield trio, Kroos and Casemiro have often been injured or out of form.

In terms of statistics, yesterday was his day. He had a pass completion rate of almost 90 per cent and along with his assist, his energetic and crucial tackle on Messi to dispossess him caught the eyes of the fans.

Luka Modric is unlucky in the sense that he is from Croatia which is not one of the traditional footballing nations. Had he been from South America or even from the heavyweights of Europe, he would have way more fame to his name. 

Despite this, football lovers will unanimously agree with the fact that Luka is one of the greatest midfielders of all time, and he continues to prove that in every game he plays.

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