Half of govt pry schools in Chandpur sans playground

Little learners deprived of recreation

| Updated: January 12, 2023 17:49:37

Half of govt pry schools in Chandpur sans playground

In the absence of playgrounds in many government primary schools in Chandpur district, thousands of little students can't play in their leisure time for many years.

Most students feel bored and monotonous with their routine classes and exams, alleged many students of Azimia Govt Pry School and Railway Scavengers Govt Primary School. They said, ''After classes, for want of fields on our school premises, we can neither play nor relax at all .''

The same views were echoed by their teachers, headmasters, guardians and paediatricians.

The teachers said annual sports competitions in January every year can't be held smoothly. Annual sports are arranged elsewhere in the playgrounds of other schools.

Talking to this correspondent the District Primary Education Officer Md Shahabuddin said there are 1155 government primary schools in the eight Upazilas of the district. Of them, about 50 per cent or a total of 538 schools have no own playgrounds.

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