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Grass-roots women still not valued

| Updated: March 06, 2021 15:25:07

Grass-roots women still not valued

Views of grass-roots women seeking any service at the government offices are still not valued while society shows sheer negligence to their opinions.

This has been creating obstacles to advancing women's leadership as their opinions are undermined, speakers told a webinar on Thursday.

They stressed the need for developing more youth leadership by removing barriers to advance society.

The observations were made during a webinar styled 'Celebrating Women Leadership' on the eve of International Women's Day-2021 on March 08.

ActionAid Bangladesh hosted the virtual programme.

Speakers said women's rights would be ensured only through ensuring social equality. Women leadership has come a long way in Bangladesh, but people's mindset has changed yet as guided by strong stereotyped socio-political and cultural values, they cited.

"Women are under-represented in many spheres and the number of women in decision-making positions are still few and far between in every sector, including, politics, business, corporate, media, health and education." ActionAid Bangladesh Country Director Farah Kabir said.

CAMPE executive director Rasheda K Chowdhury said women's rights have always been stumbled in textbooks. Even writings of women writers are being removed from textbooks.

She called for bringing social changes to eradicate all kinds of uncertainties for women in educational institutions.

The speakers highlighted the issues of bravery, successes and reasons behind marginalisation of women leaders at local and national level.

Veteran women leaders shared the history of 50 years of women's leadership while fostering women's movement and working to ensure the right and access to education and land for women. Young women leaders also expressed their views on future of women leadership in Bangladesh.

Gender diversity was nowhere to be found in women's movement. No special action has been taken for transgender women, said gender and sexual rights activist and trans feminist Hochemin Islam.

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