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Valentine's Day is that time of year when we can smell love in the air. While you may need to set your schedule to spend time with friends and loved ones or organise events this Valentine's Day, your festive looks or outfits might need extra attention. If you are edgy about how you will daze yourself for this day, we are here with some amazing recommendations. 

We created a checklist to inspire you and your loved one with various hacks for every preference, whether formal or extremely comfortable; ladies first.

Swirl and match outfits

Though you can get thousands of options available in the stores, why buy them when you can mix and match them right out of your closet? 

For this Valentine's Day, how about you try something unique and diversify your options? An ethnic Kurti, along with a boho denim jacket or wearing a saree in a nonconventional way, can work big time. 

Though traditional saree wearing is originally gangster, pant style saree makes you perfect for Instagram-worthy shots. And while selecting a colour for your dress, go for pastel hues as it reflects a sense of reality and elegance that perfectly goes well with every festival mood. 

Though red is getting all the prominence, and even if you do not match the hype, you can always glam up your plain ethnic wear with dramatic accessories of your choice. 

Make sure to wear a good, comfortable pair of heels, as this day is all about enjoying, not capturing photos. 

Say yes to funky accessories

As ethnic wear can't go without accessories, try to add a boho vibe while putting them on, especially with your light and simple Kurti. 

Regardless of how you style your attire, only quirky accessories can make them look fantastic. 

It does not necessarily have to be heavy; just go with the vibe. A statement choker with one stone earring or a statement Chandbali with a minimal pendant is all you need. When it comes to accessories, less is more.

Experiment with your hairdo

Don't let your hair fall over your shoulders in any hairdo you try. Do something exciting with your long hair. You may find several examples of princess braids and other multifunctional hairstyles on the internet. 

In contrast, you shouldn't settle for a dull hairstyle when you're already decked out in a fantastic piece of holiday garb. If you have short hair, adorn your festive hairdo by adding some shimmery clips.

It will be redundant to say about flower buns or gajra. Having a gajra tied will not only enhance your ethnic look, but it will also get you covered with a floral smell.

Swell your makeup game

As not everybody is fine with shimmer and shine on their face, it is always good to incorporate a minimal makeup look on certain festivals and celebrations. 

No matter what colour festive wear you wear, go for light makeup but a bold lipstick shade. 

Traditional kajal can enhance your eyes, and you can go for a smokey eye with nude lipstick. To give yourself a little extra shine, Use a highlighter or bronzer on the apples of your cheekbones to make your face stand out.

Men's look

Men's look is comparatively easier than that of women. Most men have a nice black Panjabi in their closet, but please leave that untouched for valentines day. Go for something in a pastel colour, be that lavender or creamy mint or whimsy yellow. 

Wear a comfy pair of jutti, and make sure to cut your hair at least 3 days before to set the hair perfectly. Set your hair with gel, and go for a nice watch to pair up with your bracelet. 

Not to forget about smelling nice. A statement shade will surely compliment the whole outfit.

Don't forget to click loads of Insta-worthy pictures and create new memories. 

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