Getting married this season? Make a fulfilling menu

| Updated: February 21, 2023 15:42:52

Getting married this season? Make a fulfilling menu

Winter is the wedding season. There is a common joke that several people get married with each refresh on social media. 

When it comes to the word ‘wedding,' the next word that comes into our mind is biyebari food’. Weddings and feasts are inseparable. 

If someone enjoys eating, they could not pass up the opportunity to go to a Bangladeshi wedding. So making a fulfilling yet attractive menu is a must.

'Kacchi' menu: Nowadays, it's hard to imagine a wedding without kacchi. The combo of mutton kacchi with chicken roast and jali kabab has the ability to steal the show. These can be accompanied by salad, sweet yoghurt, chutney and borhani. 

For dessert, jorda bhaat with baby sweets is a good option. This menu is simple but satisfies the craving.

Expensive menu: If you want the guests to have a great feast, you have to spend more. This menu consists of a 4-course meal. 

You can arrange a starter like a naan and beef/mutton rezala. For the main course, mutton kacchi with basmati rice, chicken roast/tandoori, shashlik, jali kabab, Chinese vegetables, egg korma, prawn fry/malai curry, fish cutlet can be served along with borhani and soft drinks. 

Jorda bhaat with baby sweets and a cup of firni can be served as dessert. 'Mishti paan' will bring a traditional flavour.

Budget-friendly menu: If you are planning a tempting menu with a tight budget, this is the way to follow: have plain pulao in your menu along with beef rezala and chicken roast. For dessert, serve sweet yoghurt. 

Also, instead of polao, you can prepare beef biriyani with chinigura rice or morog polao with an egg. 

If you don't want to take the hassle of making multiple items, just prepare kacchi biriyani, serve it with salad and soft drinks. Arranging tehari would be unique. These items are tasty yet budget-friendly.

Traditional menu: The traditional menu must have plain polao, along with lotpoti (daal prepared with extra portions of chicken), mixed vegetables, fried Rui fish, prawn curry, chicken roast and beef rezala. 

Mishti doi and paan are must-haves. The mentioned items are the traditional ones embedded in our culture, although the craze for kacchi has replaced them in recent times.

Buffet menu: Buffet is one of the centres of attraction today. In our country, buffet-going habit is developing among people. Even at parties, get-togethers, and wedding ceremonies, buffets are served. 

Since the buffet contains various food items, one has the freedom to choose their food as per their taste buds. Many buffet restaurants can serve a wedding since they have a conventional hall-like arrangement. 

A buffet can be budget-friendly and can also be very expensive. Recently, a wedding buffet includes Mughal food like Kacchi, chicken roast, jali kabab etc. Also, it serves Bengali traditional food items, Chinese and Indian fusion food. 

Buffets include a variety of starters, salads, drinks and dessert items. The most interesting thing about the wedding buffet is there are no time limitations for someone to have their food. 

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