Top chefs of Bangladesh who revolutionised the local culinary scene

| Updated: February 01, 2023 10:15:39

Top chefs of Bangladesh who revolutionised the local culinary scene

Bangladeshi chefs, with their best possible efforts and dedication, are gaining international recognition as the top Asian Chefs. Kishwar Chowdhury's triumph at the Masterchef Australia made headlines last year. But there are many more top names we might not have heard about.

While Kishwar took our country's name on the international stage recently, there are many remarkable names who have done tremendously in terms of enriching Bengali culinary and food traditions.

Chef Ahmed Hossain

Ahmed Hossain, a top-ranked chef in our country, changed the taboo that cooking is only for females. He represented our country's traditional food in different cooking shows and recognised Bengali cuisine internationally.

In 2006, he joined Dhaka Regency in the post of kitchen organiser. After working for 6 months, he became the main Chef there. His dedication to cooking inspired the young generation of our country. Most importantly, he will be remembered for inspiring this career mainstream in our country.

Chef Fakruddin

You must have heard about Fakruddin's Biriyani and may also have tasted the delicious biriyani of Haji Fakruddin. He is also one of the top chefs in our country with his unique recipes. 

Haji Fakruddin moved to Bangladesh in 1966 as he was facing severe financial issues. So he decided to work for his financial stability and started to learn cooking from Muslim Miah, who was the chief chef of Indian Nawabs. 

Working dedicatedly, he achieved mastery in the cooking field and became familiar with Mughal cuisine. Later, Haji Fakruddin shared the secrets of his cooking with his sons. 

Tommy Miah

Tommy Miah is a British celebrity chef born in a small village in the Sylhet district. He went to England at the age of ten. The passionate chef opened a restaurant at the age of 17 only. With the help of mobile software, we can get all his delicious recipes in our country. His cooking show 'Tommy Miah'r Rannaghar' became widely popular and inspired hundreds of cooking shows in the coming days.

Chef Kabir

Siddiqua Kabir was a nutritionist, cooking book writer, cooking artist and a popular cooking show host. 

In 1965, she started her journey in the cooking field and began her cooking show on the then-Pakistani TV channel. She has authored many popular cooking-related books. 

In 2009 she got Sheltech Award from the culinary and media business. Before her death in 2012, she became one of the most eminent chefs in Bangladesh. 

Tony Khan

Culinary expert Tony khan is one of the most famous chefs in our country. In 1998, his fame peaked as he got enlisted as one of the top 10 chefs in the world. Prior to that, he gained the honour of a culinary expert of the year in Papua Niugini. 

In 2006, Tony joined Raddison Blu Water Garden and The Westin in 2009 -- two of the most premium hotels in Dhaka. 

Tony Khan formed his own culinary institute in 2015. There he provides international standard training for new chefs in the hotel industry. He guarantees the taste and ensures health benefits in his recipe. 

Manik Miah

Manik Miah is well known as the king of spices. He is the chief culinary expert at Burbage's Windsor Tiffin eatery. He cooked in a competition, 'Curry Chef Of The Year, ' which the Bangladesh Caterers Association arranged. The competition was among 30 culinary specialists in the field of Northampton College. Manik Miah made some of the best Bengali dishes only in 45 minutes. 

Feroze Khan

Feroze Khan has worked as a culinary expert and main chef for many years. Now he has his own restaurant, Curry Garden. His Khan Fruit Carving, located in India, is popular worldwide. 

Shelly Nuruzzaman

Shelly's family moved to Britain in the 1960s, but they were always in touch with Bengali cuisine. She was interested to learn the magic of cooking. His father started a restaurant with Bengali cuisine in Britain. 

From there, her cooking journey started as she got the chance to learn to cook. The experiment-loving chef has a knack for fusions and has blended many British recipes with Bengali ones.

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