Top 5 metro rail systems in the world

Top 5 metro rail systems in the world

Metro rail systems, which also come in the form of subway or underground rail systems, are an essential mode of transportation in megacities around the world. 

These systems offer a fast and efficient commute through traffic-clogged cities, often with the added benefit of being environmentally friendly. With Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina inaugurating the Dhaka metro rail today, Bangladesh joins the metro club.

While Dhaka residents are in a festive mood with their first metro rail opening, let's take a look at some of the best metro systems in the world based on various criteria, such as ridership, network size, efficiency, and innovation.

Tokyo Metro, Japan: The Tokyo Metro is the most extensive metro rail system in the world, with over 13 million passengers using it daily. It consists of 13 lines that cover the entire city, including major tourist attractions such as the Tokyo Skytree and the Tokyo Tower. The Tokyo Metro is known for its punctuality, with trains arriving at their destinations within seconds of their scheduled time. It is also known for its cleanliness and safety, with a low crime rate and strict rules against eating and drinking on trains.

London Underground, United Kingdom: The London Underground, also known as the 'Tube,' is the oldest and one of the busiest metro rail systems in the world, with over 400 stations and 1.3 billion passengers annually. 

The Tube is an integral part of the city's transportation network and is known for its efficiency and reliability. It is also known for its iconic roundel logo and deep-level tunnels that run through the city.

Singapore MRT, Singapore: The Singapore MRT is a modern metro rail system that serves the city-state of Singapore. It consists of 7 lines covering most parts of the city, including major landmarks such as Marina Bay Sands and the Singapore Flyer. 

Singapore MRT is 231 KM in length and carries as many as 2.1 million passengers every day. 

Seoul Metropolitan Subway, South Korea: The Seoul Metropolitan Subway is the largest and busiest metro rail system in South Korea. It serves over 8 million passengers daily. It has 18 lines that cover most parts of the city. 

The Seoul Metropolitan Subway is renowned for its innovative features, such as automatic platform gates and an advanced fare collection system.

New York City Subway, United States: The New York City Subway is the soul of New York's transport system. It carries over 5 million Americans daily with no schedule disaster ever. 

Hundreds of trains run over its 24 lines 24/7 with 100% safety. Numerous iconic graffiti arts and vintage subway cars give this station a classic look.

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