Top 5 'bhorta-buffets' in Dhaka

| Updated: February 08, 2023 16:47:21

Top 5 'bhorta-buffets' in Dhaka

Bhorta is perhaps the most indigenous Bengali food widely popular among people of all classes. It is our comfort food. Bhorta, along with steamy hot rice, can beat anything. 

Usually, bhorta is made in our households and roadside food shops. In recent times, however, restaurants -- from small to big and expensive ones, have started serving various kinds of bhorta. Their bhorta platters with many mouth-watering items are often called 'bhorta buffet.'

If you are looking to taste some hot and spicy bhorta sitting in a fancy atmosphere in a restaurant, here are some places you can visit.

Bangaliana Bhoj: Bangaliana Bhoj is a restaurant that serves traditional Bengali food. Bhorta is one of the main things that attracts foodies to this restaurant. 

They serve different bhorta items ranging from Tk 30 to 60. Tomato bhorta, Kalo Jeera bhorta, Shim bhorta, Lau bhorta, Shutki bhorta, fish bhorta, etc., are available here. 

They also serve a bhorta buffet called 'the ultimate Bengali thali' at only 150 Tk. This includes 10-12 types of bhorta like Morich bhorta, Dal bhorta, Alu bhorta, Begun bhorta, Kumra bhorta, Kochur Mukhi bhorta, along with the other traditional ones mentioned above. 

Rice and daal are also served. Everything can be refilled in this thali. They are famous for this bhorta thali. Bangaliana Bhoj has four branches all over Dhaka. These branches are located in Mirpur, Panthapath, Bashundhara, and Mohammmadpur.

Ashta Banjan: This is a restaurant located in Panthapath that serves Bengali food as well as kabab items. Bhorta is also their speciality. It will cost Tk 30 to 50 for each bhorta. 

Alu bhorta, Dim bhorta, Peyaj Morich bhorta, Chingri bhorta, etc., are present on their menu. 

Ashta Banjan also has bhorta platters. Bhorta is served with either rice or khichuri. You can choose from the menu as per your preference. With rice, the platter will cost 200 Tk, and with khichuri, the price is 250 Tk.

Nanu's Food Factory: As the name suggests, their food is like the delicacy of 'Nanu barir khabar'. They only serve traditional Bengali food. 

Nanu's food factory's bhorta items are similar to homemade bhorta. They have approximately 20 types of bhorta on their regular menu. 

Price starts from Tk 30 only. They have three varieties of Shutki bhorta, Badam bhorta, Ilish bhorta, Potol bhorta, Kakrol bhorta, Bhendi bhorta, Thankuni Pata bhorta etc., along with other common bhorta items. 

They do not have bhorta platters. However, they have chicken and beef platters, including three kinds of bhorta, daal, egg omelette and salad. The chicken platter will cost Tk 160, and the beef one will cost Tk 200. This restaurant is located in Bashundhara R/A.

Bheja fry: Want to have bhorta in a well-decorated and Instagram-friendly place? Try Bheja fry. It is a place of Bengali fusion food located in Dhanmondi. 

Recently, they have added traditional food items like bhorta to their menu. Since it falls under the 'posh and fancy' restaurant category, the prices are high compared to the other places mentioned above. 

Bhorta items will cost Tk 60 to Tk 120. They also have a bhorta platter consisting of several bhorta items with steamed rice. Two people can share this platter. The price of the platter is 750 Tk.

Hello Dhaka: Hello Dhaka is a fine-dine restaurant situated in Gulshan 1. They are famous for their traditional Bengali food items. 

If you want Bengali food in a fancy restaurant that maintains proper hygiene, Hello Dhaka is the perfect place for you. But you must have a high budget for this. 

Bhorta at Hello Dhaka starts from Tk 120 and goes up to Tk 450. It is a place for those looking for a better ambience with photo-friendly decoration.

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