Rafija Sultana working with fashion designing by expanding her brand "Rafija's Closet"  

| Updated: January 10, 2023 21:20:12

Rafija Sultana working with fashion designing by expanding her brand "Rafija's Closet"   

Rafija Sultana, is the name of a passionate designer and makeup artist. Since childhood, she has always had a love for dress designing. She continued her designing spirit for her husband’s Punjabis. Her husband, Tayabul Islam Salim, who is a businessman of all kinds of offset printing and other machine importers and suppliers, used to get gifts from Rafija on every occasion.

Rafija was highly encouraged by her husband and her siblings to launch some designs. And in 2019, she opened her page, Rafija's Closet. After starting her own business, she got a lot of appreciation for her unique designs from family and relatives.

She is a full-time housewife, the mother of a son, an entrepreneur, and a student of Master's in Dhaka University. She is also a nationally and internationally certified makeup artist.

Rafija's closet started off with 2019's Baishakh Collections. Now, in every Baishakh, Eid, summer, and bridal season, Rafija launches her dresses. Rafija provides both men's and women's collections, like men's panjabi, ladies' salwar kameez, hijabs, and many more dresses. Rafija’s Closet sells six dresses of one design only to maintain uniqueness.

Moreover, when everyone started to like her makeup, she started a party and did bridal makeup. She received numerous national and international awards for creative works and makeup, in addition to exhibitions of her designs and dresses.Some of them are, "Youth Bangla Cultural Foundation Award 2020", "Majestic Affair Award 2021", "Michelle Palma, Brazil 2021", "SM Beauty & Fashion Award 2022"," And Bangladesh Woman’s inspirational Award 2022".

For these successes, respect, and achievements, she is highly grateful to Allah, to her husband, and to others who have supported her on this journey. She is utterly thankful to her husband for recognising her talent and appreciating her work.

Rafija’s Closet always aims to provide comfortable clothing and Punjabi. As a designer, Rafija wants to create new designs based on the customer's recent trends and choices. Also, she wants to give the best quality raw materials at the best price. Her products are affordable for all the young, trendy, and picky people. The best quality product at a reasonable price is the motto and responsibility of Rafija's Closet.

Like any other woman, Rafija also faced many difficulties in the beginning. Despite the difficulties, she pulled it off and succeeded. She doesn't want to become a big person, rather, she wants to become a woman with her own respect and success.

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