Men's wedding fashion: Catching trends with tradition in Panjabi

| Updated: January 07, 2023 15:19:42

Men's wedding fashion: Catching trends with tradition in Panjabi

Winter is generally called the wedding season. Getting invited to a wedding ceremony or arranging a family member's wedding during this time of the year is common. A wedding function is full of guests and arrangements where we tend to look best.

A wedding has many functions that continue for three to four days in our country: the Haldi function, wedding day, reception, or the joint reception. Managing a classy and unique look on each day is challenging.

Gone are the days when female wedding fashion used to be the only concern, as males didn't worry much about their looks. Now, males are also conscious about their looks in a wedding ceremony.

Weddings are a traditional function, so traditional attire attracts most people. In this regard, panjabi has no competitor to look both trendy and traditional. But you might wonder how you can fit in three to four functions in similar attire. Here is our take on wedding looks for men.

Haldi function

The Haldi function is full of colours and flowers. So you can wear yellow, red, bright green, purple, orange, sky blue, or magenta-coloured panjabi for this event. Avoid black, ash, or brown, as the function is full of colours.

If the function is in an open place, you need to choose the outfit colour according to day or night. For daytime events, try wearing some cool or bright colours. Night events require maroon, red, blue, or some metallic-coloured outfits. To create a unique look, you must have variations in your plain panjabi. You can try panjabi with Asymmetric, mandarin, or side slit cuts.

To pair up a panjabi, choose a comfortable pyjama too. According to your preference, you can wear a churidar, a salwar, or any regular fit. Formal pants work too. To cope with the cold weather, you can put on a koti or a Nehru jacket with your panjabi.

Keep in mind that you shouldn't match the colour of your koti with the panjabi. Try wearing a different shade or a contrasting colour to add variations.

For your footwear choices, you can try a pair of branded brown, chocolate, or black-coloured sandals, choti or Kolhapur, or mojari, as they suit pretty well. Also, penny loafers or tassel loafers will complement your appearance.

Wedding guest attire

A wedding event demands attractive attire for the guest as there are usually a lot of photoshoots involved. A silk or cotton fabric panjabi can be an easy choice, with some embroidered work on the hand and neck portion. Another option is wearing a light-coloured panjabi with a bright Nehru jacket or a koti. A loafer or sandal and a watch will complete the look. You can wear a brooch on the chest of your koti too.

Reception styles

Reception is an event to look trendy with formal clothing. Even the groom wears formal attire for this event nowadays. Formal outfits can be worn more fashionably with variations in the suit option like single-breasted, double-breasted, wedding suit, tuxedo, etc.

Choose a shirt with a matching or contrasting colour to your suit. But if your tie's colour is different, it looks more attractive. Try to match the colours so that the attire is well-suited. Oxford, derby, single strap or double strap monk or dress boots are great options for your footwear.

A wristwatch is a must for formal attire, preferably chain watches of silver or black colour. Keep in mind that the colour of the belt, shoe, and watch is your preference, but all should be the same colour.

A wedding is an event to keep in touch with the people and bless the new couple. So whatever you wear must be comfortable and match your personality to look confident and attractive for the day.

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