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Living in a steamy state like Bangladesh should have prepared you for heat, moisture, and much more sweating. Consequently, most Bengalis adore, wish for, and pray for the winter season to last as long as possible.

Considering winter is the optimal season for arranging a vacation with companions, Kuakata is the ideal destination for people who are intensely interested in sea beaches.

The tale of Kuakata

The name Kuakata derives from the term 'Kua' (well) that the early Rakhine immigrants, who arrived on the Kuakata coast after being driven out of Arakan (Myanmar) by Mughals, dug on the seashore to gather drinking water.

A unique natural beauty site on Bangladesh's southernmost point is referred to locally as Sagar Kanya (Daughter of the Sea). Kuakata is located in the Latachapli union, under the Kalapara Police Station in the Patuakhali district.

It is roughly 30 km long and 6 km wide. The district office for Patuakhali is 70 km away, while Dhaka is 320 miles away.

Special features

At Kuakata, the bay's enormous expanse of water, shoreline, blue sky, and evergreen forest provides a superb mix of natural beauty.

It's one of the unique locations with the stunning quality of providing a complete sight of the rising and setting of the red sun in the Bay of Bengal's sea in a serene atmosphere.

Due to this, Kuakata may rank among the most distinctive beaches in the world.

Kuakata is a genuinely undeveloped beach that offers a haven for migrating winter birds, a line of coconut palms, a sandy beach along Blue Bay, and a visual feast. The forest touches every visitor's heart, the colourful sails on the boats cruising the Bay of Bengal, the fishing, the high cliffs, and the waves.

Here are some details about the amazing spots you must visit while enjoying Kuakata-

Lebur Chor

Lebur Chor is five kilometres East of the Kuakata coastline. Locally, Lebur (Lemon) Chor is sometimes referred to as 'Nembur Chor' or 'Lembur Chor.'

This chor is surrounded by roughly 1000 acres. This chor is home to a wide variety of trees and plants, including Keura, Geowa, Goran, Koroi, and Golpata.

Lebur Chor was a part of the Sundarbans once. It is located at Kuakata's Easternmost corner. So, it is simple for travellers to go from Kuakata to Lebur Chor.

Jhau Bon

It is adjacent to a beach along the water. The government has taken steps to construct Jhau Forest. Travellers and tourists may get there on foot.

There are several Jhau and coconut trees all around Jhau bon. This location offers a fantastic view of Kuakata's sunrise landscape. The Kuakata neighbourhood of Jhau bon has a lovely Eco Park.

This Eco Park would provide a superb location for a picnic or outing. East of Jhau Forest is where you'll find Gangamati Reserved Forest. You can tour both Jhaubon and Gangamati Reserved Forests simultaneously. Travellers may see the attractive structure of the woods, large jhau trees, dunes, etc. when they are in this region. Jhau bon is a lovely location to sit and unwind.

Kuakata Buddhist Temple

The giant Buddhist sculpture in South Asia is the Kuakata statue. The historical history and cultural legacy of the ancient Rakhine tribal communities and Buddhist temples date back roughly 100 years.

Travellers may also visit Misripara, Keranipara, and Amkholapara nearby. Travellers may experience the authentic Rakhine village there. Numerous products manufactured by the native Rakhine people are available for purchase by tourists. Travellers are welcome to visit the Rakhine region and get a glimpse of the tribal Rakhine people's way of life.

A Visit to Kuakata

Since the opening of the Padma Bridge in June of this year, the number of tourists visiting Kuakata has risen. Recently, Rohit Azad, a 3rd-year student of the Islamic University of Technology, visited Kuakata with some of his friends to get relief after the end of a hectic semester. He shared his unique experience of seeing that panoramic sea beach.

"We started our journey from Sadarghat in the evening with a launch named Torongo 7. We could reach Amtoli, Patuakhali, at 6 AM. Kuakata is 40 km away from Amtoli. So, we have to take an auto to reach Kuakata. After reaching the destination finally, we became fresh. After enjoying the sea beach in the afternoon, we first went to the fish market by bike. Then we moved to Lebur Chor," Rohit said.

Rohit continued, "After enjoying the beauty of Lebur chor, we went to visit Jhau Bon. It is the spot where three rivers have mixed. The Sundarbans is situated just beside it, and we enjoyed the sunset view there."

"The next morning, we went to another beach where we could enjoy red crabs & the sun-rising scenery. Then we went to The Buddhist Temple; we could see the statue of Gautam Buddha and the 200 years old wells. After that, we returned to the hotel & that was the end of our amazing tour to a beautiful spot."

Kuakata is one of the few locations with the distinctive charm of providing a clear view of the rising & setting of the red sun in the Bay of Bengal while maintaining a serene atmosphere. Due to this, Kuakata may rank among the most distinctive beaches in the world.

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