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Ferry with stranded passengers leaves Shimulia

| Updated: August 02, 2020 18:15:56

Ferry with stranded passengers leaves Shimulia

After a long wait and sufferings, a ferry with passengers stranded at Shimulia ferry terminal was released at 6:00pm on Saturday. 

The BIWTA said that the ferry service would be suspended again until further notice. 

On the occasion of Eid-ul-Azha, homebound passengers from Dhaka to the southern region flocked at the Shimulia ferry terminal. 

However, the ferry wharf had gotten broke the day before.  

Under the direction of the Shimulia Ghat authorities, the freight transports took the Paturia Dauldia route as an alternative, and passengers were rushing to the launch through Shimulia Ghat amid strong river currents. 

State Minister for Shipping Khalid Mahmud Chowdhury inspected the situation at Shimulia Ghat. During the inspection, passengers were advised to use limited ferry service to avoid suffering.  

After that, a ferry was released from Shimulia ferry ghat.

According to ghat sources, the ferry reached the Kanthalbari ghat around 6:00pm.

However, due to the erosion of the ghat and the strong flow of the Padma, the ferry service was suspended again. It will resume after the ferry terminal gets fixed.

Ahmed Ali, a marine officer at BIWTA's Shimulia Ghat, told the FE that just one ferry had been released after a long time to avoid the sufferings of passengers.

The ferry service will remain closed until further notice.



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