University Day observed in JU

University Day observed in JU

Teachers, students, officials and alumni have observed University Day 2023, marking the 53rd Foundation Day of Jahangirnagar University, amid colourful arrangements and festivities on Thursday (January 12).
People gathered on the premises of the Faculty of Business Studies in the morning.

The University Day started with the hoisting of the National Flag and the University Flag at 10 am.

Then, a joyous procession with the spontaneous participation of all the departments and institutes of the university paraded the campus from the business studies premises to Selim Al Deen Muktamancha. Vice-Chancellor Professor Dr Nurul Alam announced the auspicious opening of University Day 2023.

During the inauguration, he said, "Teachers and students of Jahangirnagar University have gained fame in the country and abroad through education and research. A significant number of teachers and students of this university have been placed in the international list as scientists and researchers recently."

"The university is progressing to fulfil those goals, which were mandated on this day in 1971 when the journey of the university started. Apart from education and research, the contribution of this university to the welfare of the country and the nation is unmatched. The university leads the nation by securing unique achievements in various fields."

At 11:00 am Job Fair and Blood Group Determination program were held in the cafeteria area under the initiative of the Teachers-Students centre; a tree planting program behind the office of Physical Education and a cultural program held at Selim Al Deen Muktmancha followed the first event. Both took place under the initiative of the Student Welfare and Counselling Center.

A friendly football match was held between former and current students at the central playground. Toward the evening, a Pitha Fair at the central cafeteria area, a cultural program organised by Student-Teacher Center at Selim Al-Deen Muktamancha and a folk music festival, 'Shilpi Shafi Mandal's solo concert' were held.

On January 4, 1971, Jahangirnagar University started its journey with only four departments, 21 teachers and 150 students. Later, on January 12, the official opening took place at Jahangirnagar University.

About 15,000 students are studying under the supervision of more than 700 teachers in 36 Departments under 6 Faculties and 4 Institutes now.

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