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Depicting Prophet: Thousands protest with call to boycott French goods 

| Updated: October 27, 2020 18:34:40

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Depicting Prophet: Thousands protest with call to boycott French goods 

Hundreds of Thousands angry protesters have staged demonstration in Dhaka in protest against depicting Prophet Muhammad in France.

Islami Andolan Bangladesh, an Islamic political party in the country, organised the protest rally in the city and demand to boycott France goods as well as cut diplomatic ties with the country unless it seeks apology to the Muslim world for caricaturing Muslim Prophet.

The protesters denounced the move of France for allegedly spreading hate speech in disguise of exercising freedom of speech, and acts of republication of caricatures of Prophet Muhammad in the country.

Later, the protesters marched towards the French embassy in Dhaka. They, however, got barred at Santinagar area by the members of law enforces and then returned. 

Islami Andolan Bangladesh organised the rally in front of the Baitul Mukarram National Mosque in the morning where hundreds of supporters of the party and others joined.

Mufti Sayed Faizul Karim, head of the political group, addressed the event as chief guest and led the procession.

Mufti Sayed Faizul Karim echoing Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said the French president needs mental treatment as the latter's has been found to be desperate to spread hate propaganda against Muslims.

Faizul Karim urged the government to enact a law to deal with those who spread hate speech against religious sentiment, including Prophet Muhammad.

He also urged the Muslim countries to pass resolution at the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation denouncing French's recent move in depicting Prophet Muhammad and spreading hate campaign against Muslims.

He urged all to boycott France goods and cut diplomatic ties with the country, saying that French must seek apology to the Muslim world for what it has been doing in spreading Islamophobia.

Speakers also asked for resolution at the UN to immediately initiate action against such provocation against any religious group in the world and any ill motive to disrupt peaceful coexistence among religious faiths.

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