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Sylhet gets fredom on Dec 15

| Updated: December 14, 2017 13:17:44

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Sylhet town was freed on 15 December, just a day before the fall of the capital Dhaka after the 9-month long liberation war in 1971.

The situation took a different turn after the Indian government’s recognition on 6 December to Bangladesh while the all-out guerilla attack on Pakistani forces were also strengthened.

Ignoring the air strikes by the Pakistan forces, a group of Mukti Bahini and Indian allied forces reached suburban Khadimnagar, 10 kilometre to the east to the city on 13 December noon.

Two more groups took position at Jalalpur, south to the city and at Lamakazi on Sunamganj road, the west.
To the Pakistan forces in Sylhet town, only the northern side was open, but it was not possible for them to flee that way due to the hillock type area there.

A group of Mukti Bahini men on an open jeep with loudspeakers on that started for the Sylhet town for calling the Pakistani forces to surrender since all the 3 stretches were blocked by the Freedom fighters.

At the same day a group of 21 pakistan army, who were trapped in a brick field at Kodomtoli area were caught by a group of 35 men mukti bahini. The Pakistanis surrendered 9-hour after battle.

Subeder Rana of the Indian allied forces, who led the battle however died as a mortar shell, fired by Pakistan forces from the suburban Masimpur hit him all on a sudden. Two other Indians also sustained injuries.

On the morning of 15 December, the civilian in charge of the region Dewan Farid Gazi MPA, along with Indian Army’s Colonel Bagchi had a visit to the area close to the Sylhet airport, base of the Pakistan army troops.

Meantime, a contingent of the ‘Z’ force reached the government Sylhet Dairy farm at Alurtal area, close to the suburban MC College. By the evening, the mukti bahini in groups chanting sky-touching ‘Joy Bangla’ slogans started entering the Sylhet town areas without any resistance.

The Pakistan army troops and their collaborators became gheraoed in the town overwhelmed thousands of joyous people on the streets.

To observe the day this year different organizations have taken up programmes including a procession styled ‘Bijoy rally’ in the city.


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