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FFWC forecasts another flash flood in north-eastern regions

| Updated: September 26, 2020 16:30:37

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A flash flood is approaching to the north-eastern regions amid heavy rain and onrush of upstream water from the neighbouring India, said the state-run Flood Forecasting and Warning Centre (FFWC) on Wednesday.

FFWC said water level in the Surama, Kangsha, Someshwary, Sharigowain and other rivers except the Kushiyara in Sylhet and parts of Mymensingh was rising due to heavy rain in the regions and its upstream Indian states.

FFWC forecasted rising trend of rivers for next 48 hours in the upper Meghna basin.

It also said the adjacent rivers in the northern regions including, Dharala, Teesta, Ghagot, Kartoa, Dudhkumar, might also start to swell further within two days.

According to the numerical weather model of Bangladesh Meteorological Department (BMD) and India Metrological Department, there might be moderate to heavy rainfall in the northern, north-eastern regions of the country and in Indian adjacent Meghaloya, Darjeeling area in next 48 hours.

Durgapur in Netrakona, Bogura, Panchagarh and Kurigram witnessed 118 mm, 72mm, 64 mm and 64 mm rainfalls respectively in 24 hours between Tuesday 9:00am and Wednesday 9:00am, said BMD.

Indian districts, adjacent to Bangladeshi north and north-east parts witnessed severely heavy rain during the period.

Shiliguri, Cherapunji and Darjeeling in India witnessed 185 mm, 165 mm and 104 mm rainfall during the period, said Indian Met Office.

However, water in the Jamuna, Brahmaputra and Padma was falling which might continue till Thursday 9:00 am.

However, the latest rise in the rivers might cause a severe blow to people in vast areas of the northern region who already were captured by the fourth spell of flooding since June this year.

In the three spells of flood between June 26 and August 31, a total of 0.258 million hectares of crop lands worth Tk 15 billion were damaged in 37 districts, according to the agriculture ministry.

Above 263 people died in the three-month long flood, according to the health ministry.

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