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Bus fare up by 80pc

| Updated: May 31, 2020 10:07:30

A city bus with passengers aboard is seen in the image. — Collected Photo A city bus with passengers aboard is seen in the image. — Collected Photo

Passengers of buses and minibuses will have to pay a 80 per cent higher rate of fare for travelling during the coronavirus outbreak.

Bangladesh Road Transport Authority Chairman in Charge Mohammad Yusuf Ali Mollah told the FE that the decision was taken by the Bus Fare Fixing Committee (Mullo NIrdharon Committee) after a meeting on Saturday.

“Considering the risk factor during the coronavirus period, the committee agreed to increase the fare of all buses and minibuses by 80 per cent, compared to the present rate,” he added.

The Chairman in Charge admitted that they considered the demand of bus-minibus operators as they have to keep every alternate seat vacant following the health guidelines. He said the guidelines have it that 25 seats have to be used in a 50-seat bus and 20 seats in a 40-seat bus.

The proposal has been sent to the Ministry of Road Transport and Bridges for approval.

The government has allowed operating public transports on a limited scale during the lockdown period that has been extended up to June 15. Though the train fare is not increased but the Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority will review the situation of its fare increase after 10 days.

BRTA officials said a committee has been formed to monitor the situation including maintaining seat arrangement and fare of all inter-city, city and minibuses under the leadership of BRTA magistrates.


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