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Auto-rickshaw drivers urge for maximum daily deposit maintained at Tk 900

| Updated: September 16, 2021 11:16:55

Auto-rickshaw drivers urge for maximum daily deposit maintained at Tk 900

CNG-driven auto-rickshaw drivers on Wednesday reiterated their call to the government to fulfil their 10-point demand, including proper enforcement of Tk 900 as daily deposit that they have to pay to owners each day.

They also called upon the government to stop harassment by a section of traffic sergeants and stop collecting illegal toll from the drivers on the road.

The drivers under the banner of 'CNG Drivers Struggle Council' in a statement issued on the day alleged that most of the owners were realising from the drivers up to Tk 1,300 as daily deposit, despite the specific directive from the Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA) in 2015 not to realise above Tk 900 from the drivers.

Convener of the auto-rickshaw drivers' Council Sheikh Hanif alleged that most of the owners were not following the BRTA directive that fixed Tk 900 as daily deposit.

A CNG driver starts his day spending around Tk 1,600, including daily deposit money - ranging from Tk 900 to 1,300, and other additional daily expenses, he said.

He alleged that in most cases traffic sergeants filed cases for simple matters like meter-related problems of the auto-rickshaws, costing them between Tk 700 and 2,500.

The drivers' leader also said that they would hold a rally tomorrow (Friday) in front of the National Press Club to realise their demands and would announce a tougher programme from the rally.

He said they had been passing a miserable life with their family members amid rising prices of essential commodities.

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