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Event to enrich supply chain management knowledge

| Updated: July 20, 2020 17:28:39

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Event to enrich supply chain management knowledge

Supply Chain Alliance (SCA), University of Dhaka launched its first inter-university case competition event "SCA: Upstream". The main purpose of arranging this competition is to enlighten participants about the field of supply chain.

Supply Chain Alliance is the first initiator of a supply-chain-centric club in University of Dhaka, as well as in Bangladesh. It seeks to bridge the gap between the said professionals and students alike by means of enriching knowledge exchange and understanding of supply chain, while considering the practical applications of such knowledge.

SCA: Upstream is an online case competition where students from any department and any university can participate. Registration was open to any team of three or four students from the same university. There are only two rounds in the competition. The  first round started from July 09 and the supposed date of the finale is July 27. The prize money of the competition is Tk 10,000. The champion team, the first runners-up team and the second runners-up team will receive Tk 5,000,  Tk 3,000, and Tk 2,000 respectively with trophies.

SCA has got massive responses from students across the country. Students from more than 40 universities have registered for the competition. Besides, 16 other clubs from renowned universities have joined in this initiative as SCA's campus partners.

SCA was built with the goal of minimising the gap between the professionals and the students by creating an environment that will enable the students to learn and understand more about supply chain management and gain practical experience in this field. It wants to uphold the significance of supply chain in the business arena.

With this goal, SCA initiated to launch this event and decided to keep it open to every university student in the country. SCA believes that the participants will acquire deep knowledge about supply chain management and its impacts on business and economy by participating in SCA: Upstream.

It also hopes that the competition will help them comprehend the current changes in global supply chain caused by Covid-19 and anticipate the post-corona situation beforehand. For queries, readers may send emails at [email protected]

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