English Olympiad attracts students

| Updated: January 20, 2022 20:48:51

English Olympiad attracts students

The English Olympiad started its expedition with the motto 'Inspiring Leadership' in 2016. It is a global platform where thousands of students are participating from all over the world in a linguistic battle.
Almost 85,000 students participated in the previous two seasons of the National English Olympiad. Back in 2019, English Olympiad announced the Dhaka Divisional Selection Round of Season 3 which couldn't be held in the last two years due to the ongoing pandemic but it is now being held today and tomorrow (January 20-21) 2022 at United International University, Dhaka.
The event will have six in-person programmes in the selection process to eliminate competitors for the upcoming Theater Round. The participants have been divided into six groups, such as Kids (till class/grade 2), Small Starts (class/grade 3-5), Juniors (class/grade 6-8), Highflyers (class/grade 9-10/O-levels), Trailblazers (class/grade 11-12/A-levels), Seniors (any student above HSC/A-levels). The whole event will be held divided into two days. Today, only the groups of Kids and Small Starts are competing against each other within their own groups. Tomorrow, the competition of the other remaining groups will be arranged.
The Olympiad comprises both written and stage segments. In the selection round, some groups have to take part in on-stage performances. Following the selection round, commences the theatre round where the Kids group perform 'Superhero Character Performance' where they describe what they would do if they were superheroes. The rest of the groups take part in extempore speeches.
Names of the chief guest, guests, and judges of the event still remain suspenseful for the audiences and participants. The English Olympiad announced this upcoming event for 100 countries in an English language fest in Bangkok called '17th Asia TEFL & 6th FLLT International Conference' back on June 27-29, 2019 where English Olympiad Chief Organiser Mohammad Aman Ullah (Amaan) represented the English Olympiad. It is coming to life as the English Olympiad started working with 100 non-native English-speaking countries. The 100 National Selection rounds will be held through the technology of AI and IoT. More than 5,000 campus ambassadors have been supporting English Olympiad nationally and internationally.
Shabab Junayed, head of Public Relations, said, "English Olympiad motivates and prepares students to be leaders of tomorrow. We help them to see the latent talent in themselves."
Chief Organiser of the English Olympiad Mohammad Aman Ullah (Amaan) stated, "English Olympiad is inspiring millions of students to be global citizens to lead Bangladesh globally. We are also supporting the government curriculum to shape English learning and teaching."
After the completion of national selection rounds, an international selection round will be held among several countries.
In the last six years, the English Olympiad tried to reach 20 million people to make them aware of the necessity of learning English to be global citizens and to lead the world for a better tomorrow. A highly dedicated organising team is active as leaders with conviction.

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