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Celebration of entrepreneurial minds culminates at IUT

Celebration of entrepreneurial minds culminates at IUT

The goal of the IUT Career and Business Society (IUT CBS) has always been to create a firm platform for IUTians where they can evolve their individual entities with every concurring skill necessary to stand out from the crowd. Refining interpersonal skills, boosting career readiness and establishing the students as competent citizens - IUT CBS has always been firm on its ground by creating an effective ecosystem of skill enhancement for undergraduates, thereby bringing changes for the better.

Among IUT CBS's signature portfolio of activities, ‘INTERN’ has been the most celebrated event among the students gaining immense popularity over the years. It is the Intra-university Novice Business Case Competition that takes IUTians by storm each year, allowing them to challenge their strategic and analytical capabilities to the fullest. This year, the journey started with "Case Bites"- a two-month-long in-house skill-building marathon, which enhanced the real-life business acumen of students. After regular interactive sessions and weekly assessments under ‘Case Bites’, IUT CBS launched ‘INTERN 2022’, its fourth edition.

Dr Khondokar Habibul Kabir, the moderator of IUT CBS, talked about the success of INTERN 2022 in this way, "With notable participation from IUTians, INTERN has always been able to serve its true purpose as a platform. From preparing participants for the vastly competitive world outside to acquainting them with the challenges that a business case typically offers, INTERN has received a great deal of praise this year as well."

The competition took place in two assessment rounds with the first round incorporating a case focused on business strategy and the second round divided into two separate phases involving a startup-related business case.

After a fierce battle among more than 45 teams, ‘Team Clutchers’ emerged as the champions with ‘Ode to Aiko’ as the first runner-up and ‘Team Turbo’ as the second runner-up. Team ‘Ei-lon-Mask’ secured the position of ‘honourable mention in the competition. The champion ‘Team Clutchers’ said, "A lot of hard work went into this victory, and we couldn't be more ecstatic about what we've accomplished. To have ended this race as the victors among so many worthy competitors is truly an honour, and it's an experience we'll look fondly upon in retrospect."

The curtains of ‘INTERN 2022’ were put off with the closing ceremony on June 07. The grand journey of more than a month has come to the end for now but the legacy will go on as Minhazul Alam, general secretary of IUT CBS, said, "From being a freshman in 2019 to be the fourth year in 2022, the evolution of INTERN from being a competition of 15 teams to being one with more than 45 fighting for dominance has taken place right before my eyes. But the core idea has remained unchanged. INTERN always gave the first-year students a unique opportunity to test their business case-solving skills. And to me, this feature will remain its most defining one rather than all the grandeur."

The writer is the sub-executive - Publications, for IUT Career and Business Society.

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