Milk production loan scheme extended to December 2024

Milk production loan scheme extended to December 2024

Bangladesh Bank (BB) has extended the loan repayment time to December 2024 for the milk production loans scheme.

As a result, the farmers, who borrowed for cows and calves’ farms at a 4 per cent interest rate under the loans scheme of enhancing milk production, can repay the loans by December 31, 2024, reports UNB.

The Agricultural Credit Department (ACD) of BB issued a circular in this regard and sent it to the top executives of all the scheduled banks.

The BB notification stated that the loan term of the milk production scheme has been extended till December 31, 2024. The repayment of loans refinanced by the banks from Bangladesh Bank against the disbursed loans and payment of interest subsidy to the banks has also been extended.

The other directions of the circular regarding the scheme issued earlier will remain unchanged.

With the facility provided by BB, farmers involved in milk production and artificial insemination can now take loans from banks and specialised financial institutions for the purchase and rearing of cows and calves at 4 percent interest.

This loan can be taken in single and joint names. A loan of Tk 40,000 can be taken for the purchase of a calf and Tk 10,000 for rearing. As a result, a farmer can borrow a maximum of Tk 200,000 for a maximum of four calves. This loan is completely collateral-free.

In order to make the country self-sufficient in milk, The BB formed a fund of Tk 2.0 billion refinancing programme in 2015.

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