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Lightning strike kills 150 in central India in two months

| Updated: October 31, 2019 16:46:50

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At least 150 people were killed in different incidents of lightening during rains in India's central state of Madhya Pradesh over the past two months, said the latest data released by a private organisation that maps lightening incidents.

The Climate Resilient Observing Systems Promotion Council (CROPC), which is running a "lightening resilient India Campaign" in collaboration with Union Ministry of Earth Science, compiled the data.

According to the data, over 625,000 lightening flashes were reported across the state during August-September, reports Xinhua.

English daily Times of India quoted Madhya Pradesh Disaster Management Authority Deputy Director Saurabh Singh as saying that his office was planning to launch a campaign drive among people on how to be safe during lightening, reports Xinhua.

"We have planned a mission to increase awareness among people to cut down lightening deaths," he said.

"We have asked for installation of lightening arresters at all government buildings, hospitals and schools to check loss of lives during lightening," he added.

According to an estimate, around 3,000 people die in India every year in lightening incidents, out of which at least 96 per cent die in rural areas.

Over 70 per cent of the deaths occurs due to people standing under a tree to take shelter during rains, another finding of CROPC said.

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