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Lebanon loses $25b by hosting Syrian refugees: president

| Updated: November 29, 2019 17:17:20

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Lebanese President Michel Aoun said on Thursday that the country has so far lost 25 billion US dollars as result of hosting a big number of Syrian refugees.

"The support that is provided to Syrian refugees in Lebanon is insufficient and the presence of a big number of refugees weighed heavily on the country's economy, infrastructure, healthcare and education, not to forget the higher unemployment rate among the Lebanese," Aoun was quoted as saying by the presidency's website.

Aoun noted that the total number of Syrian refugees in Lebanon has reached 1.9 million, with only 400,000 of whom have returned to their homeland, reports Xinhua.

"Arab countries' call for offering support to Lebanon should be translated into concrete measures which would contribute to dealing with the current deteriorating situation," Aoun said.

Lebanon has been working hard to convince the international community to secure the return of Syrian refugees to their homeland due to the great impact they have had on the Lebanese economy.

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