Rohingya pogrom  

| Updated: October 22, 2017 01:19:44

Rohingya pogrom   

The way the Myanmar army and state sponsored goons are killing and murdering innocent the Rohingyas is shocking. Every day we see the news of torture, murder, rape, and suffering of the innocent people and it is very depressing and outrageous. Such repression will only fuel extremism and it will destabilise the world peace. We must not forget that  " injustice anywhere, is a threat to justice everywhere". We come to know from media about the misery of Rohingya people. They are being killed and raped in their own homeland. It is unfortunate that despite being born in Myanmar the Rohingyas are being subjected to torture and deprivation of their basic citizen right.


The United Nations must send its inquiry team and  help find the real picture of this mass murders.  It is high time the international community came forward and put pressure on the Myanmar government so that they were compelled to protect the minority Rohingyas.  Bangladesh is an overpopulated country and it is not possible for Bangladesh government to bear the burden of additional Rohaingaya refugees when it has already sheltered more than 200,000 refugees. Without generous support from international communities, it will be burdensome for Bangladesh. I hope the world leaders will look into the matter of Rohingya with urgent attention and put a full stop on inhuman human suffering. The world leaders must not play the role of onlookers, they should take steps to stop this massacre right now.

Saiful Islam

Baridhara,  Dhaka

[email protected]

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