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Rampura-Bonosree road in a shambles

| Updated: October 17, 2017 23:01:29

Rampura-Bonosree road in a shambles

BONOSREE means "beauty of the forest". But the area called Bonosree in Dhaka metropolitan city is a constant source of troubles for the dwellers. The main road in Rampura-Bonosree area is full of large potholes which create difficulties for traffic movement throughout the day. It is an important road for vehicles from staff road and Chittagong road. Especially, the portion of the road near the Bonosree Jame Masjid is totally worn out and full of potholes. Bonosree is a popular place for the middle income people and the number of residents is increasing. I have been living in this place for the last three years but never faced so much traffic congestion before. Many reputed schools are located there and during the morning hours we see heavy rush of traffic and people and vehicles cannot move smoothly due to broken roads. The sufferings of the commuters will be greatly reduced if the road is repaired and traffic jam in the surrounding areas will also be reduced. I would like to request the concerned authorities to look into the matter and repair the Bonorsee main road on an urgent basis.

Bonosree, Dhaka

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