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Overcoming trouble and seeking social cooperation  

| Updated: November 23, 2019 22:10:35

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Overcoming trouble and seeking social cooperation   

Anguish and pain of a large number of people due to unexpected and undesirable trouble is growing day by day in this country. While trouble or danger is part of life, lack of tools to deal with it turns people helpless in most of the cases. A survey, conducted by a vernacular national daily, found that almost 80 per cent of people are always worried of being put into any kind of trouble. Again, around 61 per cent of people surveyed by the newspaper have faced different kinds of troubles.

These two figures indicate that majority of the country's inhabitants have to bear with some mental stresses originated from fear of trouble and thus such stresses take a toll on their mental health. There are other sources of mental agony also. The more the agony is, the more psychological stresses are. Some may differ with the significance of the figures arguing that danger or trouble is not inseparable from human life. It doesn't, however, mean that people always have to live in fear and anxiety.

When trouble is a reality of life, ways of overcoming it are very important for people. Citizens in the country have to adopt different ways to do so. The survey finding showed that to overcome the troubles around 30 per cent people sought assistance from lawmakers, people's representatives, political leaders and local political cadres. Some 18 per cent sought help from social leaders or respected and elderly persons in society. Then comes the police and around 14 per cent went to police to seek legal assistance.

From this data, it may be concluded that citizens are largely shaky to seek redress from the police to overcome their troubles. There is a strong perception that people have little trust in the police as they think that seeking assistance from law enforcers may bring further trouble. This kind of perception is not unfounded and baseless. The nature of trouble is, however, important to determine the requirement of police assistance. Thus, not seeking police assistance doesn't always mean that people don't have any trust in the police.

Probably the most disturbing thing is seeking assistance from political leaders or cadres. These include almost all the lawmakers and other people's representatives who are backed by the party in power. Seeking assistance from them means that a large number of people believe that political connection is must to get rid of any trouble.  Thus political leaders and cadres become a parallel entity of law enforcing agency. With the help of political leaders, it also becomes easy to get assistance from the police in many cases.

Seeking assistance from respected persons in society indicates that people favour social arbitration or social settlement which may be considered a positive note. Enhancing the social cooperation and strengthening the social bonding is order of the day now.  It will help reduce the risk of trouble and deal with danger more effectively.


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