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No human being is worthless

No human being is worthless

Though a fiction, In a Promised Land is in fact based on the true reflection of third world elites like Professors, Doctors, Engineers and PhDs, and their lives, full of broken dreams, in the first world.

The so-called odd jobs or survival jobs that these third world elites are forced to take in the first world, may pay the bills, but the monotony of it all is like a succubus for their souls draining them of their love of life. The dreams that once inspired them to come this far, have long been shattered, yet they persevere, with the hope that their kids will do better.

Aryaan came from a middle-class family, while Piya belongs to the upper echelon of society. These two met in Munich, where they developed a friendship within two weeks that was strong enough to walk any distance required for an everlasting relationship. Aryaan, an architect, had a PhD from Germany, and Piya had an MBA from a Business School in London.

But it was back in India where they realised that they were meant for each other. But the road to their union, as well as the event to follow, would be anything but smooth. Piya's family essentially disowned her for marrying Aryaan, whom they deemed beneath their prestigious position in society. Being disowned and shunned by her family, Piya's physical and mental health began to deteriorate. This, along with the dream of a prosperous life in the first world, prompted Aryaan to finally make the decision to migrate.

Their dreams of a happy and prosperous life led them to Canada. But it was not long after the move    that they realised that the discrepancy between the dream and the reality of the matter may be much greater than they could even perceive.

And yet they stayed, toiling away, and keeping the dream of a better life alive. Piya's love for her husband would not let her give up. She could not bear the thought of his humiliation to her family, if proven a failure. No, she would not let him fail. She was also falling in love with her newly found freedom, away from the cultural and societal barriers in India.

Though the author had explained why her family refrained themselves from finding her, seems not too valid to do so. Not emotional, they could have been more practical and use their connections and resources to find their only sister.

But the only constant in life is change and things changed dramatically for Aryaan and Piya, with the birth of their only son, Ayaan. Now, nothing was more important than the well-being of their child. As their priorities shifted, they also began to realise that the best life for Ayaan could only be provided back home in India.

So they planned Ayaan and Piya would be back to India, while Aryaan would stay back. But as the preparations were being made for this move, Aryaan was diagnosed with cancer. It was his love for his son and wife that made him keep it a secret from his family. He knew that if Piya found out, she would never go back, leaving him alone. Aryaan did not want them to endure his suffering and subsequent developments in a foreign land where there won't be any relatives to console them. If it's hard to think, then how difficult it would be in reality? He made his mind to send them back to India.

Before his passing, Aryaan wrote a letter to his wife, in which he expressed his deepest love for her, as well as his concern for her well-being.

As the author concluded, "Perhaps his death was needed to prove he was not worthless."And in fact, no human being is to be called that, ever.


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