Plight of train passengers

Plight of train passengers

WE started from Rajshahi railway station at 7:40 am by Silk City Express and reached Dhaka at about 3:30 pm.

In about an hour after the train started, a transgender person (Hizra) came to our compartment and started collecting money from the passengers like any other toll collector and the passengers had to pay him money. After some time, another group of transgender persons entered the compartment from Sirajganj station and started collecting money in the same manner.

Again many beggars along with financial help seekers (because of daughter's marriage, mother' treatment etc.) came and extorted money in the same way.  

People who sell peanuts, Jhal-muri, etc also came and sold their stuffs among the passengers. In a few minutes' time we saw the floor which was otherwise quite clean when we started, messy with peels of pea-nuts and other waste materials and toilet corridor was also crammed with people and some of whom were smoking cigarettes. It was hard for someone to go to the toilets.

It was a Saturday and we did not have to attend office. Usually we miss the office if we avail the service on other days of the week. We shall therefore request the concerned authorities to start the service a little earlier, say at 6:00 am.

We also urge upon the authorities to stop vendors, beggars and so called toll collectors from entering the compartments and make Rajshahi-Dhaka train journey more comfortable. For people cramming the ways to toilets, one or two extra bogies may be added to the train.

Mawduda Hasnin

[email protected]

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