Take action against substandard mango drinks-makers

BFSA requests BSTI

| Updated: October 25, 2017 05:21:34

Take action against substandard mango drinks-makers

Bangladesh Food Safety Authority (BFSA) has requested BSTI to take legal action against a number of mango drinks makers for producing mango drinks that contained mango pulp lower than the BDS standard.

In a letter issued on Wednesday (October 18) to the Director General of Bangladesh Standard and Testing Institution (BSTI) and signed by BFSA Member (Joint Secretary) Mahbub Kabir, BFSA said that it was detected by Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) that mango drinks produced by the errant companies contained mango pulps lower than the 10 per cent level set by the BSTI. For any fruit juice, the level of pulp should be 80-100 per cent.

Talking to the FE, Mahbub Kabir said the responsibility of BFSA is to dispel the suspicion and fear about adulterated and contaminated food from people's mind, to give information about the safe and unsafe food, regulation and law enforcement to ensure safe food.

"Our next course of action depends on the action (to be) taken by BSTI as it is the certification authority," he added.

When his comment was sought about the matter, BSTI Director Eng SM Ishak Ali said he had no idea of any kind of letter from BFSA. If it was sent to the DG, it did not reach him until Thursday.

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