BJMA wants duty on raw jute export

Urges govt to provide jute goods sector with incentives

BJMA wants duty on raw jute export

The country's private jute millers have urged the government to impose duty on export of raw jute to help curb its export and survive local jute goods producers.

The local jute goods producers were facing difficulty in procuring the basic raw materials for their mills due to the export, they said, adding that some 1.3-1.4 million bales of raw jute have already been exported in last six months.

Presently, there is no export duty on raw jute.

The millers also requested the government to procure raw jute from the farmers to ensure fair prices both for the farmers and millers, they said.

Bangladesh Jute Mills Association (BJMA) put forward the recommendations at its 35th annual general meeting in the city on Monday last, said a statement. BJMA Chairman Muhammad Shams-uz Zoha presided over the meeting.

The apex body of the private jute millers also said they repeatedly urged the government to consider jute goods as processed agro-products and provide incentives. But they are yet to get this benefit.

Earlier, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina had declared at a programme that jute products would be considered as processed agro-based goods, they mentioned.

The millers also sought full implementation of the mandatory jute packaging act 2010 to increase the local use of eco-friendly products in the country.

They said the price competitiveness of Bangladeshi jute products will increase in the international market if local consumption is increased.

The private jute mills were passing through a critical time due to serious financial crisis following the drastic fall in export of jute products, they said.

The export earnings from jute goods declined about 22 per cent in the July-November period of the current fiscal year (FY) as compared to the same period of the previous FY.

The government has formed a jute sector development fund of Tk 100 billion. The association sought distribution of the fund immediately.

Considering the ailing condition of the jute Industry, the government has taken multiple measures, including block account facilities, to help regain the lost glory of the jute sector.

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