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Skilled HR, tech-savvy banking help bring good returns for MTB

| Updated: June 07, 2018 17:06:52

Skilled HR, tech-savvy banking help bring good returns for MTB

Skilled human resources and tech-savvy banking products have yielded significant returns for Mutual Trust Bank (MTB) in the last consecutive five years.

According to MTB top officials, eclectic and expansionary portfolios of the bank also played an important role to spur the steady growth.

The technology products of MTB include ATM, SMS Banking, Internet Banking, Mobile Apps and Mobile Phone top-up.

The company's consolidated EPS was Tk. 0.73 for January-March 2018 as against Tk. 0.57 for January-March 2017.

The consolidated NAV per share was Tk. 23.73 as on March 31, 2018 and Tk. 23.08 as on December 31, 2017.

During 2013-17, the bank made steady growth in net profits, earnings per share (EPS), Return on Average Assets (ROAA) and offshore banking.

The company's market value per share moved fast in lockstep with the business growth of the bank.

The MTB's market value per share was Tk 16.30 in last trading session of 2013. The market value per share was Tk 19.80 in 2014, Tk 19.50 in 2015, Tk 23.10 in 2016 and Tk 35.0 in 2017.

Anis A. Khan, managing director and CEO of the MTB, said the path of the bank's expansion and diversification witnessed a visible change after he joined the bank nine years back.

"Before my joining, there were only 36 branches of MTB and now a total of 114 branches of the bank remain operative," Mr. Khan said.

He said there was no master card and ATM booth in the MTB. Presently, the number of ATM booth is 254 across the country. The number of agent banking is 53.

The bank also opened three subsidiaries- MTB Securities Ltd., MTB Capital Ltd. and MTB Exchange UK Ltd.

"All these developments took place after I joined the MTB," Mr Khan said.

He said the bank depends on the qualified and talented human resources (HR) to ensure quality services to the clients.

"Our HRs get training at home and abroad," Mr Khan added.

The MTB has displayed an upward trend in operating profits of its offshore banking unit during 2013-17.

The company's operating profit of offshore banking was Tk 2.03 million in 2013, Tk 3.34 million in 2014, Tk 19.99 million in 2015, Tk 34.79 million in 2016 and Tk 120.99 million in 2017.

The company has reported a consolidated net profit of above Tk 1.98 billion for the year ended on December 31, 2017.

The profit was above Tk 1.46 billion for 2016, above Tk 1.36 billion for 2015, above Tk 962 million for 2014 and above Tk 573 million for 2013.

And the consolidated EPS was Tk 3.89 for 2017, Tk 2.87 for 2016, Tk 2.68 for 2015, Tk 1.89 for 2014 and Tk 1.12 for 2013.

Except the rights offer recommended in 2008, the MTB has recommended and disbursed only stock dividend between 2004 and 2017.

The company recommended 12.50 per cent stock dividend in 2017. The amount of stock dividend was 15 per cent in 2016, 20 per cent in 2015, 20 per cent in 2014 and 10 per cent in 2013.

Asked about the disbursement of only stock dividend, the MTB managing director Mr. Khan said the bank and financial institutions require huge capital.

"So the stock dividends were disbursed to strengthen the bank's capital base," the MTB managing director said.

The percentage of ROAA (Return on Average Assets) displayed by the MTB also gradually increased since 2013.

The ROAA shows how efficiently a company is utilising its assets and is also useful in a comparison among peers in the same industry.

The ROAA reported by MTB was 1.08 per cent in 2017, 0.94 per cent in 2016, 1.04 per cent in 2015, 0.88 per cent in 2014 and 0.59 per cent in 2013.

Asked about future business plan, the managing director of MTB said the company wants to provide high quality financial services utilising the best technology tools.

The MTB, an 'A' category company, was listed on the stock exchanges in 2003.

The company's sponsor-directors hold 36.62 per cent shares, institutions 23 per cent and general shareholders 40.38 per cent as on April 30, 2018.

The company's share trading closed at Tk 30 each on Monday with a marginal fall of Tk 0.1 on the Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE).

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