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Mutual funds trade with over 40pc discount

| Updated: November 02, 2017 14:33:56

Mutual funds trade with over 40pc discount

Most of the mutual funds in Bangladesh stock market have a lower trading price against their Net Asset Values (NAVs).

According to the Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE), there are 36 mutual funds enlisted out of which the trading price of 35 are being traded below its Net Asset Value.

The mutual funds whose trading price is substantially lower than their NAVs are: AB Bank 1st Mutual fund, First Bangladesh Fixed Income Fund, EBL NRB Mutual Fund, Popular Life First Mutual Fund, IFIC Bank 1st Mutual Fund, Trust Bank 1st Mutual Fund, First Janata Bank Mutual Fund, EXIM Bank 1st Mutual Fund, PHP First Mutual Fund etc.

All of the funds mentioned above are managed by Bangladesh Race Management PCL. These nine mutual funds are traded with higher than 40 per cent discount against their respective NAVs.

Industry insiders believe a proactive awareness campaign and strengthening the diligence of the market operators on the mutual fund investment will help a lot to change the current situation.

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