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ACME to launch commercial operation of steroid, hormone, penicillin

| Updated: December 04, 2018 12:42:53

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ACME to launch commercial operation of steroid, hormone, penicillin

The ACME Laboratories has registered a steady growth in profit earnings during last five fiscal years riding on 'efficient' management.

During the period, the company's revenue, earnings per share (EPS), net profit and net operating cash flow rose gradually.

The company's target of increasing earnings was driven by diversified portfolio.

Considering the industry outlook, it has also set the plan of business expansion to be implemented with the IPO (initial public offering) proceeds.

The managing director of The ACME Laboratories Mizanur Rahman Sinha said the company is expecting to start commercial operation of steroid, hormone and penicillin projects by 2019.

"The extending the unit of solid dosages is also going to be launched within same timeframe."

The company reported its revenue worth above Tk 10.21 billion for 2013-14, above Tk 11.49 billion for 2014-15, above Tk 12.64 billion for 2015-16, above Tk 13.57 billion for 2016-17 and above Tk 14.81 billion for 2017-18.

The company's revenue rose 9.12 per cent for the year 2017-18.

The company has reported 39.64 per cent gross profit margin and 9.63 per cent net income ratio for the year 2017-18.

The company maintained its sustainable advancement in terms of EPS, net operating cash flow and profit earnings as well,

Nagina Afzal Sinha, chairman of The ACME Laboratories, said in the annual report for the year 2017-18.

"Increasing of earnings per share reflects our efficient capacity in achievement of growth landmark," Nagina Afzal Sinha said in the annual report.

The company's board of directors has recommended 35 per cent cash dividend for the year ended on June 30, 2018.

The company has also reported EPS of Tk. 6.74, NAV per share of Tk. 83.39 and NOCFPS of Tk. 7.46 for the year ended on June 30, 2018 as against Tk. 6.61, Tk. 80.13 and Tk. 6.70 respectively for the same period of the previous year.

The company disbursed 35 per cent cash dividend both in 2015-16 and 2016-17.

During 2017-18, the company has met the target revenue and earning goals which was driven by an increasingly diversified portfolio of generic pharmaceuticals formulation products which include human, veterinary, premix and herbal drugs dosages.

The amount of the company's export stood at above Tk 514.04 million for 2017-18 against Tk 450.42 million calculated in the previous year.

Considering the industry outlook and bright prospects, ACME Laboratories has succeeding development plan by utilising the IPO proceeds for the purpose of steroid and hormone project, penicillin project and active pharmaceuticals ingredients (API).

Mr. Sinha also said in the annual report that their company's domestic sales continue to remain as the key driver with 96.99 per cent of the total revenue.

"The company is continuously pressing hard for expanding its international market," Mr. Sinha said.

The ACME Laboratories, presently an 'A' category company, was listed with the stock exchanges in 2016.

The company's sponsor-directors hold 40.12 per cent shares, institutes hold 29.56 per cent, foreign shareholders 1.11 per cent and general shareholders 29.21 per cent as of October 31, 2018, according to Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE).

The company's share price closed at Tk 80.30 each on Thursday with a marginal loss of 1.23 per cent or Tk 1.0 on the premier bourse DSE.

The company said the upcoming projects will contribute to increase its 'profitability'.

There are 31 pharmaceuticals and chemical companies, including The ACME Laboratories, listed with the stock exchanges.

The country's pharmaceuticals industry has grown significantly over last five years. The compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of the industry was 15 per cent during 2012 to 2017.The historical three years CAGR was 21 per cent during 2014 to 2017.

According to industry experts, the size of the pharmaceuticals industry may reach above Tk 330 billion by 2020.

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