Gerber Technology in RMG, textile advancement

Gerber Technology in RMG,  textile advancement

Gerber Technology has been helping companies around the world for nearly half a century to develop, manufacture and take their products to the market smarter, faster and more efficiently.

Today, the company provides integrated software and hardware solutions to more than 78,000 customers of the apparel & fashion, furniture, transportation, technical textiles, aerospace, construction, packaging, wind energy, and sign and graphics industries with over 100 'Fortune 500' companies in 130 countries.

Drawing on a rich history of innovation, Gerber Technology's leading-edge systems help customers reach their optimum level by maximising productivity and minimising errors and waste.

Undoubtedly, it was Gerber having revolutionised the apparel industry when inventing the first automated cutting system more than 50 years ago. For decades, the world market leader has worked side-by-side with the major players as well as the SME businesses - thereby helping them apply best practices to their business.

Today, Gerber Technology offers automation solutions to many distinct markets including:

l Fashion, apparel and footwear markets with product lifecycle management (PLM), product data management (PDM) and computer-aided design (CAD) solutions;

l Sewn product markets with automated cutting and material spreading systems;

l Aerospace, fabrication and construction markets offering ply cutting, laser templating and laser metrology solutions.

Gerber's solutions significantly improve productivity and profitability in all markets and speed up delivery of products to market ensuring a level of quality consumers expect.

In August of 2016, Gerber was acquired by American Industrial Partners (AIP) that has a portfolio of industry-leading businesses in related end markets including aerospace, automotive and graphics, supported by over 24,000 people in 28 countries. AIP has a long history of successfully acquiring businesses like that of Gerber and partnering with management to drive growth.

32 of the top 50 most profitable US apparel companies rely on Gerber Technology's PLM and CAD software solutions, as determined by Apparel magazine. Gerber has more than 400 patents worldwide.

In 1968, H. Joseph Gerber invented the revolutionary GERBERcutter®, which automatically cut large amounts of materiasl with a computer-controlled knife. The first GERBERcutter, used by General Motors for over 20 years to cut seating materials, has been put on display in Washington D.C. at the Smithsonian Institute's National Museum of American History.

Software solutions by Gerber Technology are very unique and effective. "Our software solutions are centred on helping fashion-oriented companies improve product quality, cost, timeliness and predictability of product development and delivery," said Karsten Newbury, general manager and vice-president for Gerber's software solutions.

"But, above all else, our customers rely on us for our unparalleled industry and process expertise. With five decades of experience, we can offer them best practices gathered by collaborating with many of the world's most recognised and successful brands."

The world's leading apparel brands are depending on Gerber's innovative AccuMark® software to design, develop and market their products as quickly and efficiently as possible. Now Gerber's dynamic new AccuPlan™ and AccuMark 3D modules take speed and efficiency to a whole new level.

 AccuNest™ uses powerful algorithms to analyse multiple nesting solutions and deliver the one with the highest material utilisation. It dramatically accelerates the marker-making process and reduces costs. AccuNest is much faster and more efficient than manual marker-making, this way it helps save time and money dramatically. It automatically generates costing and production markers for fast, accurate materials.

Gerber ensures maximisation of quality control. AccuNest respects all material constraints applied to pieces such as directional rotation, tilt allowances and spread constraints to ensure quality and minimise costly mistakes in the cutting room.

The GERBERspreader™ XLs is an affordable automated spreading solution that ensures material rolls are spread without tension and the edges are aligned perfectly. Available in 50 kg (110 lb) and 125 kg (276 lb) models, the XLs is ideal for a wide range of materials.

Gerber's decades of cutting experience meet the latest in 'cutting-edge' technology for both single- and high-ply cutting with automated cutting solutions engineered for various applications throughout the global industries including leather and composites.

In today's competitive environment for the apparel industry, the full integration between product development and the cutting process leads the way. The US-based, worldwide present CAD-CAM supplier offers not only dedicated solutions for this concept, but also the expertise and consultancy for company-customised solutions.

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