Pinterest as an escape from ritualistic scrolling

| Updated: December 03, 2021 15:43:49

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Whenever one feels like they’re unable to do anything productive because of habitual browsing, turning to Pinterest can be a virtual comfort

From signing up for the platform out of curiosity, Pinterest can turn into a lifelong partner. One can go out on dates with Facebook, Instagram, and even Twitter, but it always feels good to come back to get wrapped in the warmth of Pinterest’s blanket. 

Pinterest's unique point of view plays a significant role in this. As a result, this is the only social media network that doesn't support, embrace or encourage the self-centred desires of its users. 

People are constantly comparing their lives to the controlled online footprints of others. No wonder it can lead to carrying the baggage of depression and anxiety. 

On Instagram, when one searches for ‘Chicken Biriyani,’ one of their archenemies’ posts appear, that shows a delicious looking chicken with unbelievably green garnish, all presented in the state-of-art style. All too soon arrives the sense of insecurity and jealousy. 

Pinterest is a haven for shattered egos because of the abundance of third-party, theme-based content. 

Whether you're throwing a party, looking for a ‘do it yourself’ task, or just looking for some inspirational quotations, you can find what you're looking for here. Whenever one seeks to discover something new, they can go to Pinterest, and when wish to show off, they can turn to Instagram again.

Pinterest is used in a variety of ways. You may look for anything, and the best-performing images will show up. You can bookmark the one you prefer, surf the site and emulate the guidelines, and bingo! You've just made a sizzling plate of Chicken Biriyani that you can show off on Instagram. 

A realm outside of ourselves is brought into focus by Pinterest. There are times when all you need is a lovely picture to make you feel better. 

Occasionally, you'd like your social networking site to demonstrate a stronger level of dedication. Brands are too focused on promoting their products on other social media sites to overwhelm users with unwanted, paid advertisements. 

On the other hand, political adverts have not appeared on Pinterest since 2018. That's enough to give it a thumbs up for many users.

Here is a fascinating titbit. The vast majority of queries on Pinterest were unbranded. Since the platform is committed to providing original and unbranded material and new content makers, this proves its devotion. They're serious about being positive. 80 per cent of users have come to identify the site with positivity as a result of content policing and regulating. 

Social media sites like Instagram and Facebook can make someone feel inadequate and LinkedIn can recall them of professional inadequacies. 

Pinterest has yet to leave you with anything other than a sense of optimism, buoyancy and capability. It assures one that they’ll be able to finish reading the unread pile, bake that cake, and deal with the tantrums of a child. It gives a sense of self-worth.

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